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       RELEASE DATE—Sunday, November 21, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, November 21, 2021
This week heralds in a time of unfettered freedom. Take all of your reserves of knowledge and use it to tackle big, expansive issues. Today, the neighbor- hood; tomorrow, the world.
Money figures prominently in your thoughts and actions now, Scorpio. Not only can you more easily earn it, but any investment you make through your careful research will also pay off. Don’t delay in making your dough rise to new heights. You will be able to make some impressive gains and prepare yourself for a fluffy retirement.
SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER23-DECEMBER22) The world is served up to you on a golden plate now, Sagittarius. That means that you will be able to capture the attention and imagination of some fairly powerful and influential people. What do you want to achieve through the next year? Maybe it will involve people and places that you have been dreaming of. Make your fantasy a reality.
Start to plan your next big strategic moves while your intuition is sharp and your ESP is especially focused, Capricorn. Not only are you able to discern the right path through all of the mental fog, but you may also find that outside forces are there and ready to help you. Embrace all the good karma and see where your cosmic path leads.
Friends are there when you need them, Aquarius, and you may find that you need them a bit more now. Companionship is high on your list of must-haves and the ability to connect with people is especially strong. Expand your social circle and see who comes into your personal orbit. PISCES (FEBRUARY20-MARCH20)
What is it that you need to accomplish in your professional path, Pisces? Whatever you set your mind to do, you can achieve it now. Figure out what you want and start the process to get it. Don’t go into halfway measures. Only the biggest and boldest goals should be considered now. You are in the winner’s circle. Show them what you’ve got.
There is nothing you cannot do or achieve now once you set your mind and heart to it, Aries. What that means in terms of next steps is taking a global view of even the smallest of issues and rolling out solutions that help multitudes rather than individuals. What can you accomplish when your vision is so vast and expansive? Quite a lot.
Taureans are sexy souls and can manifest their destiny any way they want now. You can feel free to roam and see where love leads you, but I suggest that you plan your journey so that it takes you to exactly who and where you want to go. You can love deeply and completely so don’t waste your gifts on just anyone. Choose someone special.
Relationships take on an entirely different “feel” now, Gemini, and that
is because you are realizing that balance and diplomacy can help you achieve results in ways that flirtation and a bit of manipulation doesn’t. Choose the high road and see where it can lead in specific partnerships. You will emerge stronger and much happier.
Not only do you feel much more robust and energetic, but you will also find that you are interested in exploring many different things now. Cancers are advised to get out of the house and safely breathe some fresh air all around town. It can lift your spirits and make you feel that you can achieve anything. Spoiler alert: You really can.
Leos know how to really have fun this week, and why not? Your mind is full of creative, festive activity ideas, and you are bursting with enthu- siasm to get started on them. The difficult part will be choosing exactly what to do. Let your muse run free and see who will join you in your adventures. Before you know it, it will turn into one big party.
Turn your attention to your home life and see how you can expand the range of what you do and who you decide to do it with. Family becomes more of a focus and home-based activities become the preferred thing
to do. Where do you go from here, Virgo? Will it be to a completely new living space or a refresh of where you are?
Your words will have much greater impact now, Libra. Your vision is global and your thought process is both heartfelt and strategic. You also have the ability to schmooze and move anyone to your way of thinking. Share your best ideas with those who can help move them along and see where they can take you. Maybe everywhere.
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Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Answers are in the classifieds
81 Company with 81oCraonmgep-aannydw- ith
111 “Juno” actor 111 M“Jicuhnaoe”lactor
9 Tweak for better 9 flTawvoera,ksafoyr better
45 Guys 85 465 Grueyesting card 875 46 sGerneteimtinegntcard 87 47 Cseanrrtiemrernidter 89 497 Chaorroiesresrider 89 5449 “CAhHoaorsdesRoad to 91
Not so pricey “NTohtesFoapurlitceiny__ S “ T t a h r e s ” F : a 2 u 0 l t 1 i 4 n f _ i l m_ BSatadrlsy”:ti2m0e1d4, film sBoamdleytitmimeesd, Esoamsyetiomseese
83 Fwriehnited trucks 8863GForlifecnldub without
112 Mainchyaaelbottom 112 l i Mn e a n y a b o t t o m
10 Tfelaxvtoar,ltesarnyative 10 QTeuxatrtaelteinrnative
1 OrAdCerRnOoStSto 1paOyrder not to
114 Wlineear away 86mGuoclhf cloluftb without 11184 CWo we a a r r da l wy a y
11 mQaunayrteatsintring omrcahneystarastring
5 Apttaeyntion- 5seAettkeenrt’isonw-ord
much loft 88 Smashed
118 Cowardly committee
12 Least healthy
54 “A Hard Road to 91 Glory” author 94
Easy to see Life-saving proc.
9 Msaekekeurp’sowneor’sd 9mMinadke up one’s
90 Humble response to
120 Farmers market
13 Bit of OED info 14 Thames campus
55 Hopper on a pad 95 56 Fixer’s
Like crossword answers
1 5 H ma l i f n od f a
91 South Africa’s
122 Bob with jokes
15 Desert plant in the asparagus
proposed amt. 96 59 Hot holiday drink
Christmas display
15 Half of a theoretical
9 1 _ S_ o T u o t wh n A f r i c a ’ s
112232 B B a o c b k wf i n i t h j o k e s
6519 OH vo et r hj o o yl i ed ad y d r i n k 97 61 Overjoyed 97
Bd i os np el a _y _
theoretical duality
__ Town 92 Sound of
123 Back fin
124 Move like honey
16 Lunar program
63 How police
Bone __ 98 Abrasion
19 Frankfurt article
disgust, in comics
125 Manual reader 126 Some farm
17 “You don’t have to”
might act 100 64 Wine drinker’s
Trump game
19 Frankfurt article 20 Make over
comics 93 Salon
126 Some farm moms
18 Pleasant-
64 Wine drinker’s bonus
Trump game often with 24
20 Make over 21 Serving from a
93 Salon receptionist’s
moms 127 Swift
18 Pleasant- sounding rock?
66 Big comm. 104
often with 24 cards
21 Serving from a buffet station
receptionist’s job?
127 Swift 128 Potential
sounding rock? 24 Polk
66 Big comm. 104 company, once 106
cards Icicle sites
buffet station 22 Versed in
96 One side of
128 Potential opponents of us
24 Polk predecessor
company, once 106 68 Dawdle 107
Icicle sites Gibe
22 Versed in 23 Part of a
96 One side of many rulers:
opponents of us 129 Carry
predecessor 26 Sound from a
68 Dawdle 107
Gibe G-B-D, say
23 Part of a successful
many rulers: Abbr.
129 Carry
26 Sound from a nursery rhyme
69 Tobacco plug
G-B-D, say
Fill with wonder
successful baker’s rep?
99 Composer of the
nursery rhyme trio
69 Tobacco plug 70 Winery prefix
108 110
Fill with wonder Added
baker’s rep? 25 Ice-cream shop
99 Composer of the opera “Alfred”
32 Aesthetic notes
70 Winery prefix 71 Making a mess
110 Added stipulations
25 Ice-cream shop cry?
opera “Alfred” 101 Oil cartel letters
1 Group within a
71 Making a mess of
stipulations 112 Lipton of tea
cry? 27 Irritable
101 Oil cartel letters 102 Smartphone
1 Group within a group
32 Aesthetic notes 33 “Caught you!”
74 Summer setting
112 Lipton of tea fame, for one
27 Irritable
28 Where to find
102 Smartphone sounds
2 Lose energy
33 “Caught you!” 34 Sleeveless
74 Summer setting in K.C.
fame, for one 113 Cry of trepidation
28 Where to find Bend and
103 Attempts to beat
2 Lose energy 3 Taxing task
34 Sleeveless garment
in K.C. 76 “Take __!”
113 Cry of trepidation 115 Very
Bend and Bandon: Abbr.
103 Attempts to beat on foot
3 Taxing task
4 Wouldn’t leave
36 Vocal improv
76 “Take __!” 80 Inc. cousin
115 Very
116 Nutrition regimen
Bandon: Abbr. 29 Mosaic part
on foot 105 Bowler’s
4 Wouldn’t leave be
36 Vocal improv 37 “Uh-uh!”
80 Inc. cousin 82 Keats’ “foster-
116 Nutrition regimen
117 Basic French
29 Mosaic part 30 Centers
105 Bowler’s aversion
5 Rainbow, e.g. 6 Egret, for one
38 Kitchen fixture 39 Late-night
117 Basic French child of silence verb
30 Centers
31 Joie de vivre
108 Desierto’s lack
6 Egret, for one 7 River to the
39 Late-night reading aids
and slow time”
119 Filch
31 Joie de vivre 33 New Age
108 Desierto’s lack 109 Listing in a
7 River to the Fulda
reading aids 40 Arctic, for one 40 Arctic, for one
and slow time” is one
119 Filch 121 Sleep
33 New Age physician
109 Listing in a revision, perhaps
8 Sleep __
is one
83 Two together
121 Sleep phenomenon,
physician 35 Bundles
revision, perhaps
8 Sleep __
42 ’60s conflict site 42 ’60s conflict site
83 Two together 84 Cal. entry
phenomenon, briefly
35 Bundles that may be
84 Cal. entry
1132 BL i et ao sf t Oh Ee Da l t i hn yf o
55 HGoloprpye”raounthaorpad 954
preasispeonse to
120 IOFaUr?mers market
1154 DTehsaemrtepslacnatminpus
56 pFrioxpeor’sed amt. 96
92 Sound of disgust, in
124 Move like honey 125 Manual reader
16 Lunar program 17 “You don’t have
63 How police
might act 100
5 Rainbow, e.g.
37 “Uh-uh!”
38 Kitchen fixture
82 Keats’ “foster-
child of silence verb
98 Abrasion
  that may be cylindrical
  cylindrical 36 Nocturnal
36 Nocturnal nuisance
nuisance 39 Critter that
39 Critter that doesn’t sound
doesn’t sound interesting
41 Fish in a spread
41 Fish in a spread 43 Has too much,
43 Has too much, briefly
44 Report on a
44 Report on a sucker?
48 Expressed, as a
48 Expressed, as a farewell
farewell 50 Imitated
50 Imitated
51 Early Iranian
51 Early Iranian 52 Simple Simon’s
52 Simple Simon’s request
53 Try to live up to
53 Try to live up to 57 Blue-striped ball
57 Blue-striped ball 58 Amer. attorney’s
58 Amer. attorney’s study
60 Proofer’s “Leave
60 Proofer’s “Leave it alone”
it alone”
62 Chihuahua 62 Chihuahua
kisses kisses
63 W. alliance 63 W. alliance
since 1948 since 1948
65 “Hadestown” 65 “Hadestown”
creator Mitchell creator Mitchell
67 Ice skater’s 67 Ice skater’s
small talk? small talk?
69 Verify 69 Verify
72 Metaphor for a 72 Metaphor for a
mess mess
73 Talked 73 Talked
pompously pompously
74 Shell game 74 Shell game
item? item?
75 Brown ermine 75 Brown ermine
77 Dumbbell abbr. 77 Dumbbell abbr.
78 “Abandon all 78 “Abandon all
hope, ye who hope, ye who
enter here” poet enter here” poet
79 Puerto Rico, por 79 Puerto Rico, por
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