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 22 MIDWEEK APRIL 21, 2021
       RELEASE DATE—Sunday, April 18, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, April 18, 2021
The cosmos accelerate our lives in many different ways. Big changes are in the stars and not a moment too soon!
Expand your world and make it bold, beautiful and a bit unpredictable, Taurus. It’s the only way you can break free of old routines that seem to hold you down and tire you out. The world begins to beckon, and you have some great ideas to propel yourself right into the center of it. Travel physically or virtually and expand your vision.
Financial planning can go into overdrive as monumental decisions have to be made so you can go forward in certain areas of your life. You have big plans but need the budgets to make them realities. Look at the big picture, Gemini, and figure out how much you need to make your dreams come true. Life is too short to waste your time any more.
Cancers who have been in their shells may yearn to break free and express themselves. But, will your newfound oomph clash with or complement your partner’s needs? You will soon find out. My advice is to find balance and compromise so both of you can enjoy all types of activities together. For those looking for a connection, seek and you will find.
Start your spring cleaning now, Leo. There is a lot of physical and psychic debris that can use a bit of stirring up. Before you know it, you feel more open and free, and it will open up more space in your house.
Connection in all of its forms figure prominently for you now, Virgo. From friends to friends-of-friends and acquaintances, it will seem that you will be part of a much bigger crowd. Try to be discerning with who and where you spend your time. You have only so much bandwidth and want each interaction to be special, inspirational and fun.
The balance between your long-term goals and where you currently live may be ready for a readjustment, Libra. This could mean a physical move, or it could mean a refreshing transformation of your home environment from decoration to renovation. If you feel like the walls are closing in on you, this could be the time to push out and do something dramatic.
Expand your mind, Scorpio. Life should never be restrictive or boring. Draw upon your energy reserves and open up your front door to new opportuni- ties. This may be a good time to plan your next vacation, whether it is virtual or in person. Or, you can embark on a new course of study. Shake the dust off and get your dancing shoes on.
Sagittarians seem to have a lot on their minds from revving up their love life to turning a laser focus on finances. There is a buzzy energy running through your life now that can lead to new adventures and a bit of mischief. Good. Life has been too quiet. Can you merge the two temptations and create an amazing set of experiences? Maybe.
Relationships need your full attention, Capricorn. This may require you to balance your needs and desires with those of others in order to achieve a happy home environment. How much will you compromise and defer? It remains to be seen, but I suggest that you prioritize all of your wants and see where there is agreement. Change may be inevitable.
There is so much going on behind the scenes that you are excused for delaying any day-to-day chores that have been piling up. Aquarians try to carefully plan their next big move, but the cosmos requires your decisions right now. Don’t let all of this create stress for you. Sit back and contemplate. The right answers will come to you.
Pisces just want to have fun. And why not? The past year has been restrict- ing and now you are full of great ideas that demand to be shared with others. Don’t sit around and wait for a knock on the door. Go safely out and experience all of the creative inspirations you can find. It will be refreshing and energizing and, who knows, maybe even profitable.
Aries find that there is a very careful balance between their career goals and family needs. Certainly the past year has been one of balance and compromise, and maybe even some sacrifice. Now, decisions will have to be made so that your life can get back to normal — or at least a new form of normal. Extended family can advise if you ask them.
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Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
Answers are in the classifieds
99 Court
134 Like some grins 134 Like some grins
19 Classic sodas
55 Enjoying 95
Show with
99 Court chroniclers
19 Classic sodas 24 2010 health law:
55 Enjoying 95 crumpets,
Show with Miami and NY
chroniclers 100 Really long
24 2010 health law: Abbr.
crumpets, maybe
Miami and NY spin-offs
100 Really long time
1 Hip-hop tops
29 NYC subway
56 Kid 97
More intoxicating
103 Pitching stat
1 Hip-hop tops 2 Steamy
29 NYC subway org.
56 Kid
57 NBC show
97 101
More intoxicating Martini garnishes
1 “Yummy!” 1 “Yummy!”
103 Pitching stat 105 Cell alerts
2 Steamy 3 Name
32 “Mind your
57 NBC show since 1975 since 1975
101 Martini garnishes
102 Phillies’ div.
102 Phillies’ div. 104 “The Joy Luck 104 “The Joy Luck
7 “Bein’ Green” 7 “Bein’ Green”
105 Cell alerts 109 Dugout
3 Name associated with
32 “Mind your manners” manners”
62 “Certainement!” 62 “Certainement!”
singer singer
109 Dugout denizens
associated with Jesuit schools
33 Present-day 33 Present-day
65 Fool 65 Fool
Club” novelist
13 Best bro 13 Best bro
denizens 118 Big-eyed bird
Jesuit schools 4 Somali
Persia Persia
67 Pitching stat 67 Pitching stat
Club” novelist 106 Main Milky Way 106 Main Milky Way
20 Cry from a 20 Cry from a
118 Big-eyed bird 119 Astronaut
4 Somali supermodel
34 Rare blood type, 34 Rare blood type,
68 Trimming tape 68 Trimming tape 69 Large penguins
balcony balcony
119 Astronaut Shepard
supermodel 5 Poivre partner
for short for short
69 Large penguins 71 “Lord, is __?” 71 “Lord, is __?” 74 Andrews and 74 Andrews and
makeup 107 W.J. Clinton 107 W.J. Clinton
21 “Whatever 21 “Whatever
Shepard 120 “Mon __!”
5 Poivre partner 6 Go deep or go
35 Croupier’s tool 35 Croupier’s tool 37 Trident-shaped 37 Trident-shaped
works” works”
120 “Mon __!” 121 Super Mario’s
6 Go deep or go yard
108 Wintry, in a way
108 Wintry, in a way
109 Creepy film
109 Creepy film
22 Fats Domino’s 22 Fats Domino’s
121 Super Mario’s dinosaur
7 Former name
letter letter
Edwards: Abbr. Edwards: Abbr.
first name first name
dinosaur 122 Garage job
7 Former name of the Mariinsky
41 A, in Argentina 41 A, in Argentina 42 School closing?
75 Subtle 75 Subtle
23 With 32-Across,
23 With 32-Across, 123 Middle East
stratagem stratagem
stately sailors stately sailors fearlessly face
Middle East
8 Novelist Zola
42 School closing? 43 Writer Wiesel 43 Writer Wiesel
76 Diminutive devil 76 Diminutive devil
fearlessly face full-bodied fish?
center center
9 Weasel out 10 West of
46 In stitches 46 In stitches
78 Time long past 78 Time long past
full-bodied fish? 25 A, to Morse
125 Contrived 125 Contrived
10 West of Hollywood
48 Seder prophet 48 Seder prophet
79 Grub 79 Grub
25 A, to Morse 26 Lots
competition ... competition ...
Hollywood 11 Home of 123-
49 Dessert made 49 Dessert made
80 Send out 80 Send out
26 Lots
27 Place for un
and what the and what the
11 Home of 123- Acr.
with mascarpone with mascarpone
81 Stuffing stuff 81 Stuffing stuff
Disney heroine
27 Place for un étudiant
109-Across 109-Across
12 Company that
cheese cheese 50 Bok __ 50 Bok __
83 Member of the 83 Member of the
Disney heroine 115 Aides: Abbr. 115 Aides: Abbr.
étudiant 28 Actor Epps
comprise in this comprise in this
12 Company that makes Ball Park
fam fam
116 Prayer 116 Prayer
28 Actor Epps 30 Monsieur’s
puzzle? puzzle?
makes Ball Park Franks
51 Attila’s army 51 Attila’s army
84 Time sheet 84 Time sheet
30 Monsieur’s mine
Franks 13 Polite titles
52 “All Things 52 “All Things
abbr. abbr.
88 Buddhist 88 Buddhist
possessive 117 Red Sea resort 117 Red Sea resort 122 Composer
122 Composer
31 Dodger great
warning warning
13 Polite titles 14 Arctic parkas
Considered” Considered”
31 Dodger great Hodges
responder, responder,
14 Arctic parkas 15 Addams cousin
network network
discipline discipline
32 See 23-Across
maybe maybe
15 Addams cousin 16 Bump-related
53 “Eureka!” 53 “Eureka!”
91 Sign of healing 91 Sign of healing
124 Saturn SUV 124 Saturn SUV
32 See 23-Across 36 It can follow
130 School skipper 130 School skipper
16 Bump-related 17 AmericanAirlines
54 Emmy-winning 54 Emmy-winning portrayer of portrayer of
93 Protected, at 93 Protected, at
126 Exist
36 It can follow land or sea
131 Finally 131 Finally
17 AmericanAirlines Arena city
sea sea
126 Exist
land or sea
132 Hunting dogs 132 Hunting dogs
127 Sister
38 Sea eagle 38 Sea eagle
Arena city
Gary Walsh in Gary Walsh in
94 Afghanistan’s 94 Afghanistan’s
127 Sister
39 “__ silly 39 “__ silly
133 Medicinal 133 Medicinal
18 Williams of 18 Williams of
“Veep” “Veep”
__ Bora __ Bora
128 DDE’s WWII 128 DDE’s WWII
question ... ” question ... ”
shrubs shrubs
“Happy Days” “Happy Days”
command command
122 Garage job
of the Mariinsky Ballet
motel 110 Motrin 110 Motrin
economic economic
8 Novelist Zola 9 Weasel out
44 “Darn!” 44 “Darn!”
77 Greek X 77 Greek X
111 Stuttgart starter
111 Stuttgart starter
112 Pass
112 Pass
113 Clumps
113 Clumps
114 Polynesian
114 Polynesian
129 Hurricane
    40 Made foam 40 Made foam
45 DDE opponent 45 DDE opponent
47 Courtroom art 47 Courtroom art
52 With 66-Across, 52 With 66-Across,
public park public park
patrollers faced patrollers faced
feathered feathered
facsimiles? facsimiles?
58 Yale founder 58 Yale founder
Yale Yale
59 Saigon soup 59 Saigon soup
60 Cowboy’s 60 Cowboy’s
catcher catcher
61 Port abuser, 61 Port abuser,
say say
63 Press 63 Press
64 “Amazing” 64 “Amazing”
magician magician
666SSeee5252-A-Acrcorosss 7070HHirsirustuete
HHimimalalayayann 7272AA, i,ninAAuustsrtiaria 7373MMosoqsuqueehhoolyly
mmanan 7474WWithith9292-A-Acrcoross,s,
eneenregregeticticNNeeww EEngnlgalnanddeersrsfilfcilhch fufrurryryflefleddgglinlingg fefleinliense?s?
8282SScacmamwwithith s p s a p ma m , , s a s a y y
8585MMunuincihchMMrsr.s. 8686TeTxetxetre’sr’s“A“AssI I seseeitit.....” ”
8787EEpopnoynmymoouuss obosbtsetterticriicaiann
FFerenrannandd 8989TiTtlietlefofrorToTomm
JoJnoenses 9090LoLsoessesoonnee’s’s
hehaeda?d? 9292SSeee7474-A-Acrcorosss 9696AAddrdersess 9898“L“iLviivni’nT’ Thhiningg” ”
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