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An Eye For Interior Design
The idea is to transform a single room in the span of six weeks — eight during the coronavirus pandemic — and document the progress on a personal blog.
and share our day-to-day progress. Instagram is where we share a lot of behind-the- scenes footage. I think that people love to follow along because they get to see the ups and downs, and the mis- takes and the solutions to the problems we’re having. They get to see more of that re- al-life story behind it instead of just the before and after.”
The new season kicks off the first week of May, and Lord invites everyone to fol- low along on her journey on Instagram (@sachilord) and online at
“They’ll be able to see what goes into a total reno- vation, and we have some fun surprises to share,” she says. “I’ ll also post on Instagram
While the focus will be on Lord’s design — she can’t yet share what one room she’ll be renovating — she’s excited to be able to show-
 case local companies who will be helping her, including The Splinter Concept’s Da- vin Jaime and construction company All Things New Hawai‘i.
ing that people think our room looks the best,” says Lord. “But there’s great ca- maraderie; everyone staying up until 2 a.m. on the final day trying to finish their proj- ects, wondering if their hard- ware is coming in on time. Through it all, everyone is cheering each other on.”
month’s One Room Chal- lenge, Lord and her team are still serving clients here at home and afar. Though a local company, Sachi Lord Design Co. even offers ser- vices for people who don’t live in Hawai‘i. For those people, Lord presents them with a design plan, allowing homeowners to bring their
plans to life with her expert guidance.
APRIL 21, 2021 MIDWEEK 17
   (Above) Sachi Lord and her interior design company will be featured on the upcoming season of One Room Challenge.
(Left) When she’s not working on her interior designs, Sachi Lord is a nurse anesthetist at Kaiser Permanente. PHOTO COURTESY SACHI LORD
                       Though a competition that pits top designers against each other, One Room Challenge is not cutthroat in nature.
Locally, families can take full advantage of Lord’s services from start to finish — this means installation, purchasing, planning and shipping.
             “Secretly, we all are hop-
While preparing for next
“We even give them their HGTV reveal day,” shares Lord.
                 “We love helping people with their reno- vation and design projects,” says Lord. “One thing that we try to provide our clients with are custom, individualized solutions.”
For one such project, Lord hid a TV in a half-wall, allowing it to be out of sight when not in use. To do this, she implemented a special TV lift, which enabled the set to rise
up and down when needed. “Aesthetically, the room is much more
pleasing as the layout of the furniture isn’t defined by the TV,” she explains.
Other projects include creating flex spaces for clients — especially in light of the corona- virus work-from-home months — to get cre- ative with form and functionality. She recently
custom-built a desk on wheels that could be converted to an entertainment center when the home office is no longer needed.
“The thing that makes us the most excited and drives us to do what we do is when peo- ple are happy with their home, and they can see themselves creating memories there.”

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