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 22 MIDWEEK APRIL 7, 2021
       RELEASE DATE—Sunday, April 4, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, April 4, 2021
Our love is both bold and beautiful this week. Express yourself, open up your feelings and see who responds and what happens. Who knows?
With all of this crazy extra oomph of charisma circling around your person- ality, it is understandable that you are ready to announce your great ideas to the world. Even shy Aries (are there any?) are encouraged to get out in front of people and bring them into their social spheres. You are in the center of the universe. Start your gravitational pull now.
Benign spirits are wafting into your atmosphere, Taurus, bringing good luck and a helping hand. Do you have a huge project that needs some guidance? It will manifest and bring you to a higher level of learning. So, meditate on the goodness of others and send out healing energies to lift others’ spirits. Build up your karmic points to cash them in later.
Sociable Geminis are in the perfect position to form and solidify friendships. Is there someone on your to-call list? Reach out now. Is there someone with whom you yearn to reconnect? Try it now. Your capacity for empathy is high and your need to feel a part of the full social world is great. Tap into your kindness and make someone else feel better.
Not only could you feel a burst of ambition now, but you also seem to know exactly what to do to please those in power. Cancers are ready to make some substantial gains in their professional paths and now have the tools to make things happen for themselves. Leveraging your capabilities will take you far. How far is up to you ... with the support of others.
If you have been feeling like a caged lion, this can be a time of greater liberation and expansion. Leos are able to explore, feel freer to roam (safely) and generally get out of their tired routines. What sparks your imagination? What spurs your wanderlust? There are some fascinating and creative opportunities if you think about it.
Virgos emit a certain zest that makes them very attractive to others. You have the ability to attract anyone you want. The question is, what and who do you really want? Whatever path you choose, the decision you make can impact your future security, satisfaction and personal power. Don’t compro- mise on what is most important to you.
Whatever relationship is most important to you, it will figure prominently in your life for the next few weeks. Libras strive for balance and harmony and while it may not have always been achievable in the past year, it is now attainable. Deep connection is important to you now. Your capacity for love is great. Fill your cup and let it overflow.
Life will become a labor of love for any Scorpio who is focused on getting things done. There is a lot on your personal plate and never enough time to handle everything. Figure out which are the most important and pour your energies into each, one by one. Total relaxation is coming. Soon.
Grab any spark of creativity and use it to make a personal masterpiece. Sagittarians may have experienced a time of artistic blockage where inspiration was hard to muster. But now you are a shining artistic light who can create something fabulous out of nothing. Spice up your life and get into something frivolous and fun. It’s been too long.
Anything having to do with family has the potential to spark happiness in your life now. Capricorns who yearn to connect to relatives can find new pathways and levels of understanding. You are also able to improve and beautify your surroundings. Is it time for a spring cleaning, a refresh or a total renovation? See what brings you joy and do it.
AQUARIUS (JANUARY21-FEBRUARY19) Charming doesn’t even begin to describe you now, Aquarius. You are the royalty of chat who can now seem to get anyone to do anything by just asking. So what will you do with all of this wonderful talent? Use it for the common good, for moving your personal interests one step forward and to bring overall happiness into the world.
Not only will you find profitable ways to make your mark on the world,
you will find ways to make the world a better place. Pisces have a mystical ability to ascertain what they can do, mainly financially, to elevate our value system and bring us to a better level of mutual understanding. Wow!
For entertainment purposes only. Astrology readings on thestarryeye.
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Answers are in the classifieds Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
81 Canal that
107 Meager
17 Monets,
51 51
52 52
53 53
Soft palate 79 Word new
81 Canal that roughly parallels
107 Meager characteristic
17 Monets, Manets, etc.
Soft palate 79 Word new extension fathers love to
roughly parallels I-90 in New
Manets, etc. 18 Having only
extension fathers love to Quinn of hear
I-90 in New York
DOWN DOWN 1 Seis y dos
18 Having only length, for short length, for short
Quinn of hear “Elementary” 80 Ark passengers,
82 Ones who have
1 Seis y dos
2 Small part of a
19 Aborted, at 19 Aborted, at
“Elementary” 80 Ark passengers, Architecture mostly
1 Happening now 1 Happening now
82 Ones who have class
2 Small part of a big hand
Architecture mostly middle name 83 Like most middle name 83 Like most
and then and then
84 “Merci,” in
big hand 3 Turn over
28 It means 28 It means
54 54 56 56
Baccarat call 20th-century Baccarat call 20th-century
11 Support for an 11 Support for an
84 “Merci,” in Mainz
3 Turn over
4 Trout __: nutty
nothing to the nothing to the
Quiet laugh phone calls Quiet laugh phone calls
injured limb injured limb
Mainz 85 Palace
4 Trout __: nutty fish dish
French French
58 58 60 60
Whalers’ wheels 85 Sacred struggles Whalers’ wheels 85 Sacred struggles
16 Oz traveler 16 Oz traveler 20 Hybrid citrus
85 Palace prankster
fish dish
5 Group of geese
30 “To __ his own” 30 “To __ his own”
Rarely used 86 Maroon, in a Rarely used 86 Maroon, in a
20 Hybrid citrus fruit
87 Delta deposits 88 __ Ababa
a-laying 6 Like some
33 1948 also-ran 33 1948 also-ran
disheveled 88 Adams of disheveled 88 Adams of
21 Edmonton
88 __ Ababa
89 Spam holders
6 Like some medical care
34 Figurehead spot 34 Figurehead spot
61 61
62 62
Limerick photography Limerick photography
21 Edmonton NHLer
89 Spam holders 90 Incendiary fuel
medical care 7 Great Plains
35 Champing at 35 Champing at
neighbor 89 “I’ve Grown neighbor 89 “I’ve Grown
22 Terse rejection
90 Incendiary fuel 92 Fix, as a printer
7 Great Plains natives
the bit the bit
Quantum Accustomed __ Quantum Accustomed __ events? Face”: “My Fair events? Face”: “My Fair
22 Terse rejection 23 Was in the
92 Fix, as a printer 93 One of Nolan
natives 8 Small
36 Marriage phrase 36 Marriage phrase from the Book
23 Was in the running for
93 One of Nolan Ryan’s seven
8 Small grievances
63 63 64 64
Not quite true? Lady” song Not quite true? Lady” song
running for 24 Like some
Ryan’s seven 97 Rights activist
9 Santa __ winds
from the Book of Common
of Common
Artful dodges 90 First blank on Artful dodges 90 First blank on
24 Like some prophets
97 Rights activist Clooney
9 Santa __ winds 10 Prynne’s scarlet
Prayer Prayer
65 65 66 66
“Have __ day!” many forms “Have __ day!” many forms Mandel of 91 Iowa college
prophets 25 Compressed
Clooney 98 “__ you!”:
10 Prynne’s scarlet stigma
37 Animated film 37 Animated film
25 Compressed video format
98 “__ you!”: fashion
11 Parlor furniture
mermaid mermaid
Mandel of 91 Iowa college “America’s Got town
video format 26 They show off
fashion compliment
11 Parlor furniture support
38 Potty opening? 38 Potty opening?
“America’s Got town Talent” 92 Fed. food Talent” 92 Fed. food
26 They show off pedicures
compliment 100 Colorful top
12 Climbing vine
39 Gut course 39 Gut course
68 68 69 69
Causes pain overseer Causes pain overseer Bosox rivals 93 Bright star
27 Part of 32-Down
100 Colorful top 102 Paltry
12 Climbing vine 13 Ailments
40 Date component 40 Date component
102 Paltry 27 Part of 32-Down103 “I Am the
13 Ailments 14 Mario Bros.
42 Radii neighbors 42 Radii neighbors
71 71
Bosox rivals 93 Bright star 1914 Belgian 94 One that’s worn 1914 Belgian 94 One that’s worn
29 Oddball 29 Oddball
103 “I Am the Walrus” was
14 Mario Bros. console
43 Churns up 43 Churns up
battle river on road trips battle river on road trips
31 Reps’ rivals 31 Reps’ rivals
Walrus” was one
15 Got big enough
46 End of the Tour 46 End of the Tour
73 73 75 75
Surefire 95 Bits of work Surefire 95 Bits of work
32 Girl in Byron’s 32 Girl in Byron’s
104 Emulated the
15 Got big enough for, as oversized
de France de France
Not as much as 96 Lines on Google Not as much as 96 Lines on Google
“Don Juan” “Don Juan”
104 Emulated the wealthy
for, as oversized
48 Uruguay’s __ 48 Uruguay’s __
77 77
Spreadsheet Maps: Abbr. Spreadsheet Maps: Abbr.
33 Steak __ 33 Steak __
34 Small size 34 Small size
105 Abbr. on a 105 Abbr. on a
clothes clothes
del Este del Este
unit 99 Secure, with unit 99 Secure, with
37 Have a meeting
37 Have a meeting 106 Crofts’ partner
Chevy Chevy
ax? ax?
components 101 components 101
Sass Sass
of the minds of the minds
106 Crofts’ partner
38 Boxes for 38 Boxes for
87 Delta deposits
5 Group of geese a-laying
32 Pride initialism 32 Pride initialism
antonym of way antonym of way
cornerstone cornerstone
16 Former midsize 16 Former midsize
50 One wielding an 50 One wielding an
78 78
Honey-do list Honey-do list
“down” “down”
    drawers? drawers?
41 Drops from the 41 Drops from the
sky sky
42 City planner’s 42 City planner’s
    concern concern
44 Muppet chimp 44 Muppet chimp
__ Minella __ Minella
45 Gawk at 45 Gawk at
46 Move lightly 46 Move lightly
47 Snack often 47 Snack often
eaten inside-out eaten inside-out
48 City with a 48 City with a
    notable tower notable tower
49 Bring together 49 Bring together
50 Like much 50 Like much
jewelry, in ads jewelry, in ads
     5454AAncnhcohroereddflofloaatsts 555LiLkiekesosommeeFFBBI I sesceucruitryityscsacannss 5757CCouonutnrtyryhhoouusese
5858MMileilye’ys’sMMoonntatannaa 5959FFalaclocnon’s’snneestst 6060“C“Conognrgaratst!s”!” 6161PPrerfeixfixwwithith
   grgardaede 6262BBowowl-ml-maakikningg
totolosls 6464PPasassoonn
     6565KKinidndofofooffeffer rththaat t avaoviodisdsfinfinaanncicningg
6767OOldl-dt-imtimee anaensetshtheetictic 6868BBalallol fofirfeire
7070LoLnogntgimtimee CCrarcakceker rJaJackck
prpizrieze 7272SSeceocnodnd
7373CCritrictiaclajlujunnctcuturere 7474BBroraodacdacaststs 7575BBararcocdodees?s? 7676GGazaazaSStrtipripggpp. . 777PPrormomininvivtaitatiotionn
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