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APRIL 7, 2021 MIDWEEK 21
Free Parking Studio has expanded to a second location at SALT at Our Kaka‘ako, featuring authentic and quality vintage clothing.
“You can find a variety of vintage items that would serve the most niche of custom- ers to someone just looking to add an affordable piece of history to their wardrobe,” notes owner Ryan-James York. “We don’t carry any brands. We only carry authentic vintage items that date back to the ’60s. Whether it’s your favorite band or a track event that happened in Hawai‘i during the ’80s, we serve as a museum of clothing wherein each item has its own history.”
   A fan of vintage band tees himself, York started his business after friends kept asking to buy his shirts off of him. He did flea markets for a few years first before opening a store at 726 Kapahulu Ave. in 2017.
 “The name comes from the board space in Monopoly,” explains York. “I used to have a folder on my desktop where I kept all of my clothing designs named that.”
At SALT at Our Kaka‘ako, Free Parking Studio is located between Lanikai Juice and Highway Inn. For more information, visit or call 312-1423.
              Megan Loh: Vintage NSYNC tee $60, vintage denim $45
Megan Loh: Free Parking hoodie $65, vintage jeans $45
Robbie Roy: Vintage Metallica tee $200, Vintage JNCO jeans $45
Megan Loh: Vintage 1983 Blue Öyster Cult tee $105, vintage jeans $45
Robbie Roy: Free Parking Hawai‘i tee $32, vintage jeans $45
Megan Loh: Vintage Smiths tee $85, vintage jeans $45
Robbie Roy: Vintage REM tee $100, vintage jeans $45

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