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“When they arrived, his health was significantly di- minished since the last time I saw him. Helping him into a position to do the scan is most likely the last time I will be able to hold him. In addition to that, my friend and her fiancé got fully dressed up for what is most likely the last time they will take a photo together,” Little says. “Shrunk3D is really about capturing the moment. If Shrunk3D was not around, I don’t think that moment would have even happened, let alone captured.”
to memorialize their most important life events and the most important furry family members before it is too late.”
 The client will receive the figurine within two to four weeks from the time of the initial scan.
 Little reaches customers outside of Hawai‘i as well with a Shrunk3D mobile trailer in Las Vegas.
In the future, Little hopes to possibly offer the service to nonprofits in
JUNE 7, 2023 11
 Hawai‘i Kai Resident Creates 3D Printing Mobile Trailer
        There is one specific scan that will always be dear to Little.
some capacity. “Shrunk3D Ha-
    “One of my best friends from high school has a dog Robert about 15 years old. I had dog-sat for her multiple times and remember Robert as a puppy. My friend men- tioned how sick Robert has become and that she wasn’t sure how much longer he had,” she says.
wai‘i is here to pro- vide you with a one- of-a-kind product that, for the most part, is not available in the majority of states or countries. Please feel free to
          Another unique aspect of Shrunk3D is that it is fully mobile. Since it is in a trail- er, it makes for a perfect ad- dition to graduation parties, weddings, festivals, cor- porate parties, retirements, proms and more.
(Above) Jacqueline Little with her Shrunk3D business partners Sonya Milana and her son Charles Milana in front of their Las Vegas mobile trailer. (Right) An example of the custom figurines. PHOTOS COURTESY SHRUNK3D HAWAI‘I
contact me for any event — no event, figurine or moment
        The conversation ended with them scheduling a time for her to get a 3D scan with Robert.
In addition to the printing business, Little is the own- er of a boutique property management and real estate company operating across
O‘ahu and Maui.
“It has been very fun be-
Little says. “It has also been very reward- ing to be able to provide a product
is too small or too big,” Little says.
   ing able to meet people in different industries that are not related to real estate,”
For more in- formation, visit
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