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                        Aloha surfers and beachgoers,
Are you ready for spring? It starts Sunday, March 20 in case you have yet to stop and smell the ros- es. The surf has yet to stop as well — though the extra large swells have seemingly halted their epic 2022 run.
Kaua‘i’s Tatiana Weston-Webb Keeps Improving
“I’m just so grateful. God always has a plan and I just trusted in Him. Honestly, I just had so much fun out there! Lakey and I had such a great battle back and forth.”
blue-green like we have it in paradise. The powerful Portugal waves stir up the hard sandy bottom to give it some granular grays, dark browns and semi greens, and zero visibility. Our best wave warriors then go out and surf better than anyone
ship Tour just completed stop No. 3 on March 7. This was the first cold-wa- ter contest — after Pipe and Sunset Beach — at the in- sanely hollow Supertubos in Peniche, Portugal.
British dad is, and has been, a hardcore surfer in Hanalei.
1 Brisa Henessey, No. 2 Ca- rissa Moore and No. 3. Malia Manuel. They’re all bunched together with only roughly 4,000 points separation, and with 10,000 points offered for first place, this 2,000 points is like a warm, but wet, hungry bear hug.
MARCH 16, 2022 9
    Yes, the northwest swells should continue easing un- til next fall/winter and the new south swells of summer should slowly increase. It’s becoming time to bust out the high performance long and short boards and phase out the rhino chasers.
This beach break is easi- ly one of the heaviest, most dangerous and challenging sand bars in the world. At low tide it looks a bit like Pipeline, only with 60-de- gree water and 55-degree air during dawn patrols. The tides can fluctuate 10 feet and waves breaking can shift within a single heat. Plus, the water color is not quite as clear and pretty
on earth. We have two win- ners who did just that at the Meo Pro.
Weston-Webb joined the WCT way back in 2015 and has been a 5-foot, 4-inch, 127-pound “gnarly” fixture ever since. In fact, she just keeps improving — finishing No. 2 in the world behind Ca- rissa Moore last year. Now, she wants to do one better, and is off to a pretty good start. Her first two Hawai‘i events were equal ninth — not what you’d expect in her “home- town,” but we have a ways to go with eight more contests through September.
“I’m just so grateful. God always has a plan and I just trusted in Him,” Weston- Webb shares in an inspira- tional message after her huge victory.
The World Champion-
Ladies first — I hope it’s still OK to say this. Born in Brazil but raised on the North Shore of Kaua‘i is 25-year- young Tatiana Weston-Webb. Her Mom is Brazilian and her
Weston-Webb is now up in the fourth slot behind No.
“Honestly, I just had so much fun out there! Lakey and I had such a great battle back and forth. I was really
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