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6 MAY 17, 2023
   Singer-songwriter Crosses Genres
talking about those less-talk- ed about things because I think it’s important for us to realize that we’re not weird or embarrassing and a lot of us actually struggle with the same things.”
form. She recently had the opportunity to open up for rock band Dashboard Con- fessional at The Republik and has performed on many stages throughout the island, including the iconic Waikīkī Shell.
songs, doing gigs, and trying to be more involved in the local, live music scene. She currently performs at Moku Kitchen from 4 to 6 p.m. ev- ery Thursday.
Yim usually pairs her meaningful lyrics with notes from her guitar, but she can also play bits on the piano. Though she typically sticks with her guitar, Yim does not like to keep to one genre of music. Dabbling with indie, folk and pop is something she enjoys.
“The Dashboard Confes- sional concert was a sold out show, so there were a lot of people there,” says Yim. “Everyone was so in- credibly kind and made me feel so welcomed and good about standing on stage singing to that size of an au- dience. It was so amazing to be able to meet people after the show and connect with them about the things I was singing about.”
Despite all her success, Yim remains grateful for the connections made thus far.
“I think one of the most fun things about music is to experiment with different genres and weird sounds,” explains Yim. “Being cre- ative to me is all about breaking out of labels and limitations and boxes. The more I find myself sticking to one thing, the less creative I am.”
Yim adds, “It really was a dream-come-true sort of event. I have opened for a lot of really cool and ex- tremely talented musicians the past few years, and I feel so blessed and lucky to have had those opportunities.”
“I would love to say thank you to everyone who sup- ports my music, to anyone who I’ve met after concerts/ events, and to the people who message me about how my songs connect with them,” she notes. “Meet- ing and talking to you guys makes me so happy and are some of my favorite core memories, I truly don’t think I’ll ever be able to express how much it means to me.”
Keiki celebrate a recent donation to their school as part of Alexander & Baldwin’s Kōkua for Keiki program. Gateway at Mililani Mauka, an A&B shopping center, raised $1,200 in funds for Mililani ‘Ike (pictured) and $1,800 for Mililani Mauka elementary schools as part of the company program. Receipts were collected and converted into monetary awards for the partner schools. PHOTO COURTESY ALEXANDER & BALDWIN
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Many might seek fame or fortune, but Yim says her “main goal in life is to cre- ate music that helps people.” And that speaks volumes.
    Composing music with such depth and creativity, Yim is naturally gaining a loyal following of people wanting to hear her per-
Looking ahead, Yim hopes to go on tour one day. For now, she says she is working on releasing more
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      Jenny Yim, a singer-songwriter from Waialua, performs at a recent concert. PHOTO COURTESY HISESSIONS

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