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Since 2015, the partner- ship of Rose Acre Farms and Hidden Villa Ranch (Villa Rose LLC) explains that it has been working with the state and local government to create the farm, and se- lected Waialua for its unique ecology, proximity to ocean resources and natural splen- dor. It was envisioned as the perfect place for chickens to be nurtured as they produce Hawai‘i-grown eggs.
“It is the purposeful inten- tion of Villa Rose and Waia- lua Egg Farm to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact, giving back to the communi- ty and the land,” states Villa Rose partner Marcus Rust. “We are extremely pleased to be able to finally bring the vision into reality to serve Hawai‘i’s community.”
According to partnership officials, the farm itself has solar arrays that double as cage-free shelter for the hens to enjoy their natural envi- ronment.
For more info on the new egg farm, visit its Instagram (@waialuafresheggs).
Operating on its own power grid, the farm stores
JANUARY 5, 2022 5
 Business Takes A ‘Fresh’ Approach To Sustainable Egg Farming In Waialua
Waialua Egg Farm is located on O‘ahu’s North Shore. It has been designed as a cage-free, solar-powered venture. PHOTO COURTESY VILLA ROSE LLC
the power of the sun to keep everything running.
ward sustainable agriculture. Waialua Egg Farm is the re- sult of those efforts.”
Chicken waste is turned into carbon-rich fertilizer designed to increase water retention in soil and correct acidity. The farm also has an independent water well, and its wastewater is reused for irrigation with zero water runoff.
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