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The Latest In Cosmetic Body Care

Dr. Choon Kia Yeo
Medical director at Honolulu MedSpa

Where did you receive your schooling and training?

I attended Melbourne University Medical School in Australia and then the University of Hawaii Integrated Surgical Program. I became a certified surgical specialist at the Royal College of Surgeons in Canada, and am board-certified by the American Board of Surgery. I am also a member and fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.


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Dr. Choon Kia Yeo

How long have you been in practice?

More than 30 years.

What are the most common procedures you do?

We currently offer five common categories of procedures:

1) Pain-free laser hair removal: Laser hair removal is becoming more and more accessible at clinics and as you can see on OGLF (Our Good Living Formula), there are many at-home products you can use too. So, even after 12 years in business, pain-free laser hair removal is still the most popular treatment we offer. Not only does laser hair removal improve quality of life – especially in Hawaii where beach-going is so popular – it saves money on pricey razors and shaving cream, and it spares the pain, expense and ongoing time commitment that inevitably accompanies tweezing and waxing. Honolulu MedSpa utilizes a variety of advanced, FDA-approved lasers to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair on all skin types, including dark skin.

2) CoolSculpting: This new FDA-approved technology destroys fat cells permanently, without any special diets or surgery. Prior to CoolSculpting, the only way to remove fat cells was to have invasive surgical procedures, such as liposuction. CoolSculpting is a revolution because we now can remove fat cells non-surgically through the surface of the skin without injuring the skin or any other tissue. In just one hour of treatment time, patients can say bye-bye forever to belly bulges, love handles and muffin top.

3) Venus Freeze skin tightening and cellulite reduction: Venus Freeze is the latest trend in radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology to reverse the signs of aging, tighten skin on the face and body, soften wrinkles, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and smooth cellulite. It is a relaxing treatment that feels like a therapeutic hot-stone massage and offers the benefit of immediate skin firming without any discomfort or downtime.

4) Skin rejuvenation: We offer AFT (advanced fluorescence technology) to lighten freckles and sun spots; Pixel Perfect Laser Resurfacing to unveil smoother, younger-looking skin by removing tiny dots of old, photo-damaged or scarred skin; Electrodessication for pesky skin tags typically found on the face, neck, chest and other body areas; Progressive Chemical Peels to manage melasma (mask of pregnancy); and Laser Vein Therapy for tiny broken capillaries on the cheeks and around the nostrils.

5) Botox and Juvederm: Our Liquid Facelift helps patients look happier and younger. Botox softens frown lines, forehead furrows, nose scrunches, lip lines, laugh lines and chin dimpling. We also offer the Nefertiti Lift, an advanced use of Botox to improve the definition of the jawline and to tighten skin on the neck. Juvederm restores volume to the smile and marionette lines, temples, brows, tear troughs, cheeks, lips, chin, nose, earlobes and jawline.

What are some of your newest procedures?

We have a Precision Neck and Facelift (LazerLift) that makes you look five to 10 years younger with no scalpel, stitches or scars. Until now, the only way to adequately lift and tighten the lower face and neck was through invasive surgery. But now, thanks to advances in laser technology, there’s a better way. Precision Neck and Facelift is a one-time, minimally invasive FDA-approved laser face lift that offers outstanding results without the risk, pain, expense or downtime of traditional face lift procedures. Precision Neck and Facelift works underneath the surface of the skin to target the jowls, double chin and smile lines. It also lifts and tightens sagging skin to restore the youthful contours of the face, chin, jawline and neck. There is minimal discomfort and only one to two days of downtime. Precision Neck and Facelift provides a natural-looking result that lasts five to 10 years on average.

We also offer PicoSure FOCUS Skin Revitalization. FOCUS is the next generation in laser technology and the new gold standard in anti-aging. The new FOCUS technology harnesses the powerful photomechanical effect of the PicoSure laser by focusing and redistributing individual pulses into myriad arrays to provide dramatic overall skin revitalization with minimal to no downtime, so you can enjoy flawless, radiant skin. FOCUS stimulates collagen and elastin production for firmer, suppler skin, improves fine lines, wrinkles and pore size, lightens age spots, sun spots, brown patches and freckles, and smooths acne scars and overall texture of the skin. Additionally, we also stock a wide range of wholesale private label skin care products that our patients can use as part of an aftercare package. The skin care products that you use can have a huge impact on your recovery after a cosmetic procedure and therefore it is important to use high quality products that will help you to get the results you deserve.

Finally, we offer PicoSure laser tattoo removal, which is the latest advancement in tattoo-removal technology. Prior to the advent of PicoSure, patients generally required 10-plus treatments to remove tattoos, and even then many patients were left with residual ink. With PicoSure, patients generally only require three treatments, and all colors can be removed effectively.

Do you offer cosmetic surgery?

Our practice is a full-service medical spa that specializes in providing the most technologically advanced noninvasive procedures available in the field of cosmetic medicine. Patients sometimes ask my staff if I’m a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist because there seems to be a belief in the patient community that a plastic surgeon or dermatologist will be the most-qualified provider of non-invasive aesthetic procedures. This simply isn’t true. Plastic surgeons specialize in surgery, which is invasive by its very nature, and therefore involves cutting, and inevitably, sutures and a degree of scarring. Dermatologists specialize in hair, nail and skin disorders, not necessarily skin care or the art of determining what goes into creating the image of youth or the symmetry that’s typically associated with beauty.

Aside from Precision Neck and Facelift, which is minimally invasive, Honolulu MedSpa specializes in noninvasive aesthetic procedures. We offer free consultations and also counsel patients on which noninvasive procedures will most effectively address their concerns.