LINES, CAMERA, ACTION: Chris Lee, head honcho of the UH film school, having a ball Down Under currently producing the next Superman $100 million spectacular. And some lucky students of his are getting the chance of a lifetime interning on a major Hollywood film ? Marlon Brando?s ashes have been scattered over Tetiaroa in Tahiti, the island he owned. Now another book is out about the late star written by his last wife, Tarita Teriipaia. They met when he starred in Mutiny On The Bounty. I once had a Thanksgiving luncheon at the Ilikai Hotel many years ago with Tarita and Brando?s son Teihotu. Brando planned to meet his family in Honolulu, but was delayed. So he called and asked me to host the luncheon. She talked mostly French. And I couldn?t. It was a very quiet lunch ? Backstage stuff: Made me feel young again listening to the show biz struggles of a couple of talented singing-dancing Cats actors (Kym Chambers and Justin Wingenroth) who are in the legendary musical playing at the Blaisdell (April 12-17). They were telling me about their career struggles on B?way and the show over ono pupus at Shanghai Bistro ? What did Napoleon, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Clark Gable, Truman Capote, Noel Coward, Fred Astaire plus kings, tycoons, etc. have in common? They all owned one-of-a-kind Panama hats that never goes out of style. All are specially crafted. These hats are all registered with their own numbers. So Jim Tomasi, manager of Newt store at the Royal Haw?n Hotel (where they sell these famed hats) wasn?t too surprised one day when he received a call from Warren Beatty who asked for a size 8 Fedora. Jim sent two to the film star. Beatty picked out the least expensive. Only $450 bucks ?

One of the best: Manoa Valley Theatre honored Shari Lynn last week at the Hilton Haw?n Village for her contribution to the world of show biz in Hawaii. And, well-deserved for one our better talents. Many believe Shari would have achieved stage stardom in New York had she tried. But Hawaii called instead. ?I?ve done everything theatrically I ever wanted to right here, and enjoying a very happy 30-year marriage to my husband, Mike. And, that?s better than Broadway,? smiled Shari ? Great wits: George Bernard Shaw, the prolific playwright, cabled the following invitation to Winston Churchill: ?Have reserved two tickets for my first night play. Come and bring a friend, if you have one.? To which Churchill replied: ?Impossible to come first night. Will come second night, if you have one. Churchill? ? The Massie Case, subject of Cobey Black?s definitive book, Hawaii Scandal, will be featured on PBS? American Experience April 18. Black?s book is the explosive account of the alleged ?rape? and murder that rocked Hawaii to its volcanic roots in 1931-32. That lured the greatest trial lawyer of his day, Clarence Darrow, out of retirement to try his last case ? Didja know ? that prostitution is legal all over Europe? One in-the-know traveler explained: In almost all countries this business flourishes. People in the industry pay taxes. Workers receive gov?t benefits like Social Security, etc. Just about every city in Germany has a house of prostitution. Average charge is $50. Of course, there?s always lots of negotiation. Some establishments are like five-star hotels. Gents in tuxedos greet customers. The girls are all knockouts who speak many languages. They average about $1,000 an hour. Excuse me, my travel agent is on the line. (Awww ? only kidding)?



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