Jack Johnson, John Stamos and more celebrity news

JACK JOHNSON IS IN A fantastic lineup of artists in May at the 2014 Hangout Music Festival at Gulf Shores, Ala. … His fellow performers include The Black Keys, The Killers, OutKast, Queens of the Stone Age, Pretty Lights, The Avett Brothers, Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips and many more. Tickets for the three-day festival, now in its fifth year, start at $229 …


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John Stamos, Mike Love and yours truly. Michi Moore Photography

John Stamos, who appeared with The Beach Boys about a week ago, still has Honolulu gals swooning all over social media sites. But not only is he handsome and talented, he’s also a very nice guy. On his way to the vehicle taking him back to the hotel after the show, he stopped to personally shake hands with and thank the stagehands, security guards and staff. We were all impressed – not just the ladies! …

Our condolences go out to the family of actor Russell Johnson, best known as “The Professor” – full name: “Professor Roy Hinkley, Ph.D.” – on the much-syndicated TV show Gilligan’s Island. We are, to this day, still rooting for him to help get those castaways back to Honolulu …

This week in 1964: The Kahala Hilton, the jewel of Oahu’s South Shore, officially opens its doors. Though its elegant, secluded location, private golf course and iconic dolphin lagoon were postcard perfect for visiting entertainers and dignitaries, the core of its success was its incredible staff: general manager Bob Burns; Billy Pascoe and his team of doormen, who greeted each guest and made them feel at home; Kay Ahern, who made sure everyone’s stay was extra-special; the legendary beach boy to the stars, Bobby Krewson, who kept the pool hopping and the beach sparkling, and Danny Kaleikini, who entertained visitors and residents each evening at the Hala Terrace (he also had the great sense to hire my wife Sweetie as a dancer). The Kahala’s developer, Charles Pietsch, told me in an interview many years ago that the hotel was originally supposed to be the Waialae Hilton, but Conrad Hilton told Pietsch that he couldn’t pronounce the name so they had to come up with something else – thus, the Kahala Hilton.

At first it was a challenge selling the hotel because it was outside of Waikiki, so Charles’ associate, John P. Spierling, would turn on the lights in empty rooms to make it look full … And the No. 1 song is I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles

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