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What’s Next
Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Nailed It
Most of you know that my 78-year-old mother lives with my family. It’s been a nice arrangement for us, especially when our kids were young,...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Hair Apparent
Among many things, our 15-year-old daughter is a hula dancer. As her dad this will come across as biased, but she is a gifted dancer....

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Germaphobia
Seems like everything these days is focused on sanitation. That’s a good thing, as far as I’m concerned, and it’s nice to see that technology...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Stainmaster
I’ve been told that I’m a pretty fashionable dresser. It might be because my mom was a seamstress/tailor and my dad used to dress like...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Permitting Stress
Last year I wrote a column about my experiences in renewing my driver’s license. It was not pretty, and I seemed to have struck a...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Mystery Vacation
The other week our 15-year-old daughter was on spring break. My wife, who works at a school, also was on break. That being the case,...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Cool Dad Gets Razr Burn
Ron Nagasawa is on vacation. This column originally was published Oct. 5, 2005. I think that I’m like most red-blooded males in that I like...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Stung By The Bee
As the publisher of a major newspaper, I get invited to some pretty prestigious affairs. They range from political gatherings to charitable galas and celebrity-laden...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Wiped Out
Did you ever watch old movies or family sitcoms, and when there’s a scene in the bathroom, you’ll see towels marked “HIS” and “HERS”? Whatever...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // An Inconvenient Truth
I realize that for the most part, a husband’s role is to make his wife’s life as easy as possible. Certainly my wife does that...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Ready To (Corned) Beef
I am privileged to have eaten at some of the best restaurants on the island. I don’t profess to be a food connoisseur, but I...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // A Bad Scents Of Humor
Ron Nagawawa is on leave. This column is from May, 9 2007. A couple of weeks ago back in late April, our family arrived home...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Wag The Man
I probably have the ability to do pretty much anything I want. But given the vast number of choices, besides spending time with my family,...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Trophy Husband
My wife is the office secretary for the parochial school that both our children attended from kindergarten up to the eighth grade. For a number...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Dog Gone It
For the first time in years, I have decided to join a gym. Actually, in 2010, a friend who was a professional boxing trainer took...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Mister Gaga
As a 54-year-old man with a child still in high school, there are things I am banned from doing in my efforts to remain “cool”...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Loafing Around
I really believe that couples who have been together for a long time can get complacent and set in their ways. It’s not for lack...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Captive Audience
I like to think that I’m a culturally astute guy. I love the symphony, will watch ballet and even partake in opera. I enjoy going...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Egg On My Face
Besides being an amazing barbecue guy (a self-imposed honor), I can make a pretty mean breakfast. No one in my family seems to think that...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Scapegoating
It’s been great having our 23-year-old son home for the holidays. His 15-year-old sister, his Nana and, of course, his mom have been elated. I...


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