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Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Acting Up
I may not seem like it, but I enjoy watching live theater and musicals. My wife and I, and sometimes our daughter, will attend one...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Fan Base
I have to say that I work with a really great staff here at MidWeek. We all get along great, which is cool when you...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Bachelor Party
These past few weeks, while my wife and daughter were on the Mainland, I found myself to be kind of lost without them. Yes, my...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Excess Baggage
I may have mentioned in previous weeks that my wife and daughter were going to take a trip to the West Coast, as our daughter’s...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Judged By My Cover
This month, I’ve had the honor of being asked to be a judge for two prestigious pageants. The first was Miss Oahu Filipina 2013 and...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Flower Power
With the exception of numerous apologetic gestures to my wife over our years of marriage, I don’t think I’ve seen or had the need for...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Card-carrying Idiot
Now that it’s been a few weeks since Mother’s Day, I’ve finally mentally recovered enough to write about it. This year, the month of May...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Nailed It
Most of you know that my 78-year-old mother lives with my family. It’s been a nice arrangement for us, especially when our kids were young,...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Hair Apparent
Among many things, our 15-year-old daughter is a hula dancer. As her dad this will come across as biased, but she is a gifted dancer....

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Germaphobia
Seems like everything these days is focused on sanitation. That’s a good thing, as far as I’m concerned, and it’s nice to see that technology...

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