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Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Immaculate Receptacle
Christmas is a season for miracles, and I’m a simple guy, so my miracle expectations are pretty low on the scale of grandeur. And don’t...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // If The Shoe Fits
Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, but at least one purchase I made continues to haunt me. I’m not a big fan...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // All Tied Up
My wife and I get invited to a great many events, thanks to the generosity of friends and work acquaintances. We try to attend as...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // The Buddy System
The old adage “A dog is a man’s best friend” really holds up in the Nagasawa household these days, especially Saturdays. My girls, namely my...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Rope A Dope
Most of you may have heard about a fundraising program for Special Olympics called “Over the Edge.” People raise a minimum of $1,000 in donations...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Car Toon
As busy as my staff is here at MidWeek, I always try to find ways to lighten things up. One way is to feed them....

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Of Mice And Men
So the other morning I was going to blend myself a protein shake for breakfast. One of the ingredients I throw in is a banana....

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Drop In The Bucket
Although the weather really sucked with the passing of Hurricane Ana, the good news is no one was seriously hurt. Still, there was a lot...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Hello Dolly!
I may have mentioned that several weeks ago my wife’s family was in town. That included her 7-year-old niece. For the most part, she hung...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Wet Blanket
The other evening, as my wife and I headed for bed, she paused and asked me where Buddy’s blanket was. First of all, with the...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // In The Moment
I would like to commission some doctors and scientists to do a study on the way my wife thinks. The problem with that is I...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Breakfast Of Champions
I have to say that perhaps my most-favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Maybe because it is a meal that celebrates that I’m still...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Special Delivery
People who read my column often ask me if I have to get permission before I write things. The answer is yes, I have to...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Sweat Shop
I recently celebrated my 56th birthday. Right, I celebrate fiber. Seriously, lately I’ve really been feeling older than my age although my body feels like...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // All Washed Up
Man, I had a pretty busy weekend the other week. And by busy I mean I was inundated with chores that had to do with...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Dodging Bullets
The past couple of years, I haven’t done much travel off the island. I, however, recently made a single-day business trip to a Neighbor Island....

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Toast Of The Town
I think because I write in such a public forum, people assume that I am a good public speaker. I do all right, I guess,...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Hero Is A Sandwich
We had the pleasure of a major family visit last week: my wife’s sister and her family, plus my wife’s older brother and his family,...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Guilt By Association
There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my wife. In our years together, she has always put me first, and so I hope I have...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // No More Screeching
Even though as publisher of MidWeek, I’m technically the boss, in my office I’m more like the opposite of boss. I’m the opposite of boss...


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