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Susan’s Page
Susan Page
Susan's Page // Taking Time To Thank The Fallen
The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, [that is] the path of...

Susan Page
Susan's Page // Obama Politicizes Gay Marriage
Same-sex marriage. As if the issue wasn’t “hot button” enough, President Obama finally admitted publically what most insiders already knew, he’s now in favor of...

Susan Page
Susan's Page // Fascinating Film On SEALs At Work
I woke up this morning feeling a little sad and a lot grateful. Last night my husband Jerry and I saw Act of Valor at...

Susan Page
Susan's Page // Have A Credit Card? Uh Oh …
Last week two pieces of mail arrived on the same day: One was my Medicare card and the other was a letter congratulating me on...

Susan Page
Susan's Page // Saving Babies One By One In Africa
“If it’s loud enough and you keep making it loud enough, at the very least people will know about it, and you can’t say we...

Susan Page
Susan's Page // A Real Women’s Injustice Issue
Having been immersed in my granddaughters last week, I came late to the big “free birth control, Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh” party. In case you...

Susan Page
Susan's Page // Shutting Out Preachy Politicians
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s conservative stand on issues such as abortion, gay marriage and birth control has dominated the news of late. The attempt...

Susan Page
Susan's Page // Figuring Ways To Save The Stadium
Aloha Stadium greets us with aloha each morning when my husband and I wake up. To us, it’s a most beloved site almost an extension...

Susan Page
Susan's Page // Taking A Fall With The Broncos
Hypothetical headline reads: 1-14-12: Elderly Columnist Slips on Deck Stairs, Injures Back Admitted to Pali Momi ER. Actually, it was the Saturday of the Denver...

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