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Ron Mizutani
Currents // Representing Ewa In The Kona Heat
Those who’ve competed in the Queen Lili’uokalani Long Distance Canoe Races have heard stories of mermaid sightings in the calm waters off the Kona Coast....

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Saying Aloha To ‘Pops’ Ah Choy
It was a royal salute to one of Hawaii’s true wave-riding innovators and pioneers. Dozens paddled out to Kuhio Beach Aug. 30 to say aloha...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Waterman Hall Of Fame Welcomes Five
A gentle mist fell as a potent south swell rolled into Waikiki, creating a breathtaking backdrop. It was as if the ocean gods were welcoming...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Race With A View On The North Shore
When it comes to visiting Hawaii, there’s nothing like a room with a view. Truth is, people spend big money a get a glimpse of...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Relying On Social Media In A Storm
We live in a hectic world of immediacy, where people want their information fast and they want it now. Social media has filled some of...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Making Aka Proud In Boston Regatta
While thousands of Hawaii canoe paddlers were preparing for this year’s state championships at Keehi Lagoon, a group of paddlers was competing in its own...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Fish Fry Funds College Scholarships
The smell of fried fish recently filled the air in Windward Oahu for what’s quietly become an annual tradition in Kailua. “Yes, it’s that time...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // A Teacher’s Arctic Summer Blast
It is often one of the first questions and assignments given to students when they return to school each fall: “What did you do on...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Carissa’s Excellent Summer Rolls On
Please Don’t Pinch Carissa Moore. She’s living a dream right now and would like nothing more than to continue this endless summer of success and...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // From Cover Boy To ‘MW’ Columnist
Dear MidWeek ohana: In June of 1997, I received an unexpected phone call from editor Don Chapman. It was a call I’ll never forget. “Ron,...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Rowing For Feathered Friends
Have you ever been so passionate about a cause that you were willing to lay everythingon the line? And I mean everything: your time, your...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // ‘Moore’ Surfing Talent On The Way
A message to the rest of the surfing world: There’s a lot “Moore” talent coming out of Hawaii these days, and the future is looking...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Allowing Nui To Go To A Better Place
I hate you, cancer. Like a cowardly burglar, you sheepishly enter homes in the middle of the night and destroy lives. It’s as if you...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Aboard Hokule‘a With Pwo Thompson
Pwo (master) navigator Nainoa Thompson took great care when he and other leaders of Polynesian Voyaging Society assembled the crew that would sail Hokule’a to...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Opihi: The Delicacy Of Death
It is a classic example of supply and demand — and in this case, the demand is often higher than the supply. “You get opihi?”...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // We’ll Remember Always, Graduation Day
There’s a time for joy A time for tears A time we’ll treasure through the years We’ll remember always Graduation day The Four Freshmen sang...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Grassroots Effort By Friends Of Kewalo
Grassroots efforts: It’s a simple concept, but one that can be very powerful and effective. When executed properly, it can make any corporation, business entity...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Learning To Dive Responsibly
I watch with much satisfaction as he meticulously prepares for his dive. He carefully looks over his equipment, making sure everything is sound and safe....

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Born To Sail On Hokule’a
He moves with confidence as the surging Pacific Ocean rolls beneath Hikianalia. His strong legs are more than seaworthy. It is clear he’s at home...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // A Busy Month For Canoe Paddlers
Hawaii’s canoe paddlers will be extremely busy in the months of May and June, with several major events happening over the next four weeks. It...


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