Old Friends


Chuck Furuya

Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya – featured on MidWeek‘s cover Nov. 24, 1993 – speaks with a slightly different tone about..

Ron Jacobs

He has been called outlandish, eccentric and most definitely outrageous. He speaks with ferocity about topics from technology to politics...

Jan Brenner

Veteran Island songstress and entertainer Jan Brenner has been organizing and hosting themed parties and activities for more then 20..

Wally Amos

Wally Amos enthusiastically proclaimed he turned 76 this past Sunday. Truly young at heart, Amos, father of the Famous Amos..

Manti Te’o

They grow up so fast. Can you believe Manti Te’o, the highly touted and dominant linebacker who graduated in blue..

Loretta Yajima

Throughout the past quarter century, the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center has cemented its importance in our community and state. The..

Yasmin Dar

One of the toughest growing pains a young adult can endure is handling the internal tussle of truly figuring out..

Kona Carmack

Nearly 15 years after departing Hawaii for personal and global ventures, Kona Carmack has returned to the place she calls..

Jack Cione

Business veteran Jack Cione lives by the mantra of “repotting,” as he has always been willing to make a professional..