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Old Friends
Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Jake Shimabukuro
  Life for Jake Shimabukuro keeps strumming along, and it all sounds pretty sweet. The iconic ukulele master has just released his ninth solo CD,...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Makia Malo & Pamela Young
As people and societies, we humans have the capabilities to be kind, compassionate and understanding on a daily basis. Yet we also have the ability...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Michael Paulo
This week Michael Paulo is traveling to perform in the world’s largest jazz festival, and it isn’t in New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Kanoa Leahey
Referencing his grandfather’s archived tapes, high school student Kanoa Leahey worked to find his broadcasting voice, and in the process found a passion he continually...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Rolando Sanchez
The flair, exhilaration and pace of Latin music most likely would not exist in Hawaii if not for the path that Rolando Sanchez has taken...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Mike Malone
No one should ever doubt Mike Malone’s grit, talent or toughness as an MMA fighter. Malone is a fighter who, in 2007, had the courage...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Alan Wong
It is very possible that we would not be tasting the very best from chef Alan Wong (pictured below with Roy Yamaguchi) today had he...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Gabe Baltazar
Jazz music is not constrained, it is not caged. There is no ceiling to a music style that embodies creative freedom for both the player...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Kristin ‘K.C.’ Carlberg
It’s all right to be a little selfish when fitness and exercise become a priority in your life. Personal trainer and founder of TRY Fitness,...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Jonathan Hee
Few baseball players are born for the major or minor leagues. Most, like Jonathan Hee who make it to the professional level endure hardships, continually...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Chuck Furuya
Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya – featured on MidWeek‘s cover Nov. 24, 1993 – speaks with a slightly different tone about the (at times) swanky stereotyped...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Jack Aaron
Even if you aren’t the type to get starstruck, it can be a pretty cool experience to meet a celebrity you admire. Since 1971, Jack...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Ron Jacobs
He has been called outlandish, eccentric and most definitely outrageous. He speaks with ferocity about topics from technology to politics. Never short on words, Ron...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Jan Brenner
Veteran Island songstress and entertainer Jan Brenner has been organizing and hosting themed parties and activities for more then 20 years. During the time of...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Wally Amos
Wally Amos enthusiastically proclaimed he turned 76 this past Sunday. Truly young at heart, Amos, father of the Famous Amos cookie recipe, still has plenty...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Roy And Kathy Sakuma
Ukulele aficionado Roy Sakuma was once asked during a media interview if he thought the ukulele could become an international sensation. His emphatic answer was...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Manti Te’o
They grow up so fast. Can you believe Manti Te’o, the highly touted and dominant linebacker who graduated in blue and gold from Punahou in...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Kimora Lee Simmons
Many words can be used to describe fashion firecracker Kimora Lee Simmons. She’s eccentric, bold, stunning, beautiful …and after 20 years in the beauty and...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Howard Dashefsky
After decades of tightening stories and compressing sound and audio bytes to fit the few-minute segments he had time to air at his previous anchor...

Chris Fleck
Old Friends // Loretta Yajima
Throughout the past quarter century, the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center has cemented its importance in our community and state. The center has expanded from a...


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