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Mostly Politics
Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Reconsidering Marshall McLuhan
Forty years ago a Canadian scholar named Marshall McLuhan assured us that the medium was the message. He argued that, on the one hand, print...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Sylvia Luke: First Woman Speaker?
Joe Souki celebrated his 81st birthday recently. He looks good and he sounds good. And he can obviously still do the math. Earlier this year,...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Things Are Looking Up — Or Not
No doubt about it, things are looking up, in part because Hawaii’s unemployment rate is going down. In April it sank to 4.9 percent, tying...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // The Presidential Season Begins
Presidential election year 2016 officially began last week. Oh, I know, it really began Nov. 7, 2012, but I mean really, really, really began last...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Who’d Want To Be UH President?
M.R.C. Greenwood called it quits last week after four years as the University of Hawaii’s first female president. The 70-year-old Greenwood cited health concerns. A...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // U.S. Still Strives For Equal ‘Equality’
The world turns. The biopic about Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson’s partnership in integrating major league baseball, 42, will win no awards at next year’s...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // The Winners And Losers Of 2013
Herewith, “Mostly Politics’” first post-2012 winners and losers column – occasioned by last week’s news that Colleen Hanabusa has decided to run against Brian Schatz...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Boston Marathon: War Continues
Finishing a marathon calls for jubilation – hugs from spouses and friends, cold libations, smiles exchanged with fellow finishers all are in order – maybe...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // History That Shaped Modern Hawaii
In 1961, Harcourt, Brace and World published Hawaii Pono: A Social History by Lawrence H. Fuchs. “One of the major purposes of this book is...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Good Work Of Catholic Charities
Three years ago, Catholic Charities Hawaii (CCH) moved into a seven-building campus on two-and-half acres of land in Makiki. It bought the parcel from First...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // The GOP’s Local Youth Movement
Finding signs of life in Hawaii’s Republican Party can be frustrating – almost as frustrating as being a Republican in Hawaii. Hawaii’s congressional delegation belongs...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Chang’s Bold Plans For Homeless
Honolulu City Councilman Stanley Chang thinks that after years of talking about it, studying it and anguishing over it, we may have finally reached the...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Hanabusa Is Running, But Where?
The question I’m most frequently asked of late is not, “Howareya?” or “How’s the missus?” or “Howya like the weather lately?” No, it’s, “What’s Colleen...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Ignoring Looming Catastrophes
The paralysis with which our country faces the crises of health care and global climate change is enough to make an aging political columnist grow...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Investing In Early Education
A Peace Corps buddy and his wife visited recently. They had lived in Hawaii at the beginning of his career as a journalist, a time...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // A Fitting Way To Honor Sen. Inouye
In spring 1975, UH professor Paul Hooper and I drove to Kailua to interview Gov. John A. Burns for the “John A. Burns Oral History...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Saying No To A 15-percent Pot Tax
Have any of my 11 regular readers bought a pack of cigarettes lately? I haven’t either. In fact, I never have. I did smoke a...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Legalized Gambling Coming Closer
On Super Bowl Sunday, I attended what a close friend of mine – and a certified football fan and partier – calls “Hawaii’s best Super...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Answering Violence With More Guns
Hawaii’s gun laws are among the strictest in the country. They require licensing of gun dealers, registration of firearms with law enforcement, background checks on...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // A Memorable Pair Of Speeches
Political speeches come in various forms: after-dinner speeches, when the two scoops rice weigh heavily on the audience; the campaign rally speech to send the...


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