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MidWeek Cover Story
Steve Murray
MidWeek Cover Story // Aloha Means Goodbye
As the man who commands U.S. Navy forces from California to India prepares to leave Hawaii for an even bigger job in Nebraska, he talks...

Susan Kang Sunderland
MidWeek Cover Story // PCC 50
POLYNESIAN CULTURAL CENTER CELEBRATES ITS 50TH ANNIVERSARY Help wanted. Laie, Oahu. Must climb trees, husk coconuts, dance the Samoan slap or Tahitian otea, toss Fijian...

Rasa Fournier
MidWeek Cover Story // Tomboy In A Tiara
Miss Hawaii Crystal Lee is poised and beautiful, but this self-proclaimed tomboy says she loves to do handsprings in heels Arms and legs extended, she...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Shop & Score
Shop at Times Supermarket now through Oct. 15 and your purchase of selected sponsor products will earn points toward athletic equipment for the school of...

Susan Kang Sunderland
MidWeek Cover Story // The Foodland Way: Food, Family, Friends
Foodland celebrates the 65th anniversary of the first store’s opening at Market City on a wing and a prayer and a loan. The store name...

Susan Kang Sunderland
MidWeek Cover Story // Deja Moo – 60 Years Of Healthy Baby Contests
By LANI MOO as told to Susan K. Sunderland Told as a young man that a local guy could never become president of Hawaii’s largest...

Susan Kang Sunderland
MidWeek Cover Story // With Goodwill Toward All
Everybody knows about the stores, but there’s much more to Goodwill than that, including job training and placement, while keeping 12.5 million pounds of recyclables...

Jaimie Kim
MidWeek Cover Story // Mentoring Tomorrow’s Journalists
For the past 16 years, Jay Hartwell has been the faculty adviser to the UHManoa student newspaper Ka Leo, training scores of working journalists, including...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // 125 Years Young
The history of Young’s Market is fascinating – from steers to Charlie Chaplin – and even more so as a lesson in how a business...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Les Femmes Of Farm To Table
Chefs couldn’t get creative in the kitchen without the hard work of farmers and the food they produce. MidWeek joins the Hawaii Food & Wine...

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