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Steve Murray
Hot Air // Ignoring Death A Driver’s Necessity
When the 43 drivers climbed into their cars to start Sunday’s Quicken Loans 400, little thought was paid to Jason Leffler, the 37-year-old racing veteran...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Shady Deals Mar MLB Drug Case
Major League Baseball finds itself in a precarious situation. Much like government agencies forced to work with less than honorable characters to achieve advantageous outcomes...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Case Against NCAA Has A Chance
The latest battle in Joe Paterno v. the NCAA was launched with last week’s filing of the long-anticipated lawsuit against the beleaguered collegiate enforcement agency....

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Bad Boy Barred From NBA Jobs
Playing the role of Bad Boy is exhilarating. Wrestlers yearn for the attention, actors seek it as protection against typecasting and even Amy Farrah Fowler...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // A For Apple In Debt Payoff Approach
A month ago University of Hawaii chancellor Tom Apple announced he would ask the Board of Regents to forgive the athletic depart-ment’s $13 million debt...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Apple’s Dire Warning Has Merit
The University of Hawaii has an identity problem. Regardless of the strides made in research and the increased enrollment of Native Hawaiians into the system,...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Collins Not A Gay Man, Just A Man
Phillip Parker was 14 a year ago when he hung himself in the bathroom of his foster parents’ home. After years of physical and emotional...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // The Five ‘Majors’ Of Hawaii Golf
Hawaii boasts a billion-dollar golf industry that includes 90 courses, millions of local and visiting participants and junior programs equal to more populous and well-heeled...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Wings Face The End Of Playoff Era
Some events become so commonplace we tend to find comfort in their arrival. Without these regular occurrences, things just seem out of whack. The Yankees...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Time To Make Peace With Fab Five
It was more than a bit strange, the speculation whether Chris Webber would attend the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final. He did, but in an atypical...

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