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Rasa Fournier
Newsmakers // Amazing Stories Of Hyperbaric Healing
The UH medical school Hyperbaric Treatment Center does miraculous things, especially with diabetics There’s a story behind why Dr. George Macris is working at the...

MidWeek Staff
MidWeek Poll // What is your favorite local snack?

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // The Return of Chang Apana
Growing up in Hawaii, radio personality John Noland used to wonder why there were never any local heroes in the serials, radio or TV. The...

Susan Kang Sunderland
Newsmakers // Waioli Tea Room
There are not many public venues that retain their original structures and ambiance. So where can one experience the charm of old Hawaii? Where one...

MidWeek Staff
MidWeek Poll // What do you do on a rainy day?

Susan Kang Sunderland
MidWeek Cover Story // Billy Richards – Navigating A Better Future for Hawaiian Keiki
Billy Richards, a member of the original Hokulea crew and several subsequent voyages, is now working to improve the quality of life for Hawaii children...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // Teens Tackle Texting/Driving Carnage
We all have done it. Even those of you who condemn it have, though you may not like to admit it. You’re in the car,...

MidWeek Staff
MidWeek Poll // What sport do you wish you were really good at?

Yu Shing Ting
MidWeek Cover Story // Teen On The Move
Savanna Rafto of Honolulu wins a national Paul Frank contest as the perfect teen role model, and she’s looking at her future life and career...

Jaimie Kim
Feature Story // Chilling With The Fishes
IT’S THE ODOR of fresh raw fish you notice first. At 5:30 a.m. in the morning, it’s a jolt to the senses. Rows of primarily...

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