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MidWeek Staff
MidWeek Poll // What do you think is humans’ greatest invention?

Susan Kang Sunderland
MidWeek Cover Story // Pops Goes The Music!
With dinner, drinks and dancing as part of the program, Hawaii Pops provides a perfect blend of symphonic stylings and popular music. And with Matt...

Jaimie Kim
Feature Story // Dancing Across The Decades
For four decades, four generations of women have been sharing their love of dancing with young girls in Drill Team Hawaii, while creating poised, confident...

MidWeek Staff
MidWeek Cover Story // Sister Is Stoked
And why wouldn’t Kelia ‘Sister’ Moniz be stoked? At just 21, the two-time defending world longboard champion travels the world surfing the best waves, and...

MidWeek Staff
MidWeek Poll // What movie have you watched the most times?

Jaimie Kim
Feature Story // Return Of The Hawaiian Cranes
It used to be a joke among Isle residents that the crane should replace the Nene as the state bird. Not the avian crane species,...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // That’s What Friends Are For
It was 1984 when three friends – Lynn Watanabe, Ruthann Yamanaka and Sharon Weiner – started a support organization for Child & Family Service, an...

Rasa Fournier
Newsmakers // Amazing Stories Of Hyperbaric Healing
The UH medical school Hyperbaric Treatment Center does miraculous things, especially with diabetics There’s a story behind why Dr. George Macris is working at the...

MidWeek Staff
MidWeek Poll // What is your favorite local snack?

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // The Return of Chang Apana
Growing up in Hawaii, radio personality John Noland used to wonder why there were never any local heroes in the serials, radio or TV. The...

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