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Feature Story
Nicole Kato
Feature Story // Where The Lights Are Brightest
Two Waikele streets go all out with Christmas lights and displays that also help bring neighbors together Nothing quite ushers in the holiday season like...

Ron Mizutani
Feature Story // Proudly Paddling For Our Heroes
Wounded Warriors and their surviving family members take part in a Canoe Regatta designed to honor the fallen and support those still fighting combat injuries...

Steve Murray
Feature Story // Safety Crusader
Javen Guzon may look like he’s straight out of ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ but he cares about his fellow bikers. That’s why he and wife Narsi...

Rasa Fournier
Feature Story // Hawaii’s Falling Epidemic
Hawaii averages 85 seniors (65 and older) who die in falls every year. Another 1,960 are hospitalized after falls, and 8,700 receive medical treatment. With...

Nicole Kato
Feature Story // The First Mixed Martial Art
Clarence Emperado Luna’s stepfather created Kajukenbo — A combination of Karate, Judo, Kenpo and Boxing — And now he’s carrying on the legacy Imagine challenging...

Andy Beth Miller
Feature Story // An Italian Surf Film?
There is an Italian phrase, l’arte d’arrangiarsi, which literally translates to “the art of making something from nothing.” When filmmaker Jason Baffa and surfer Chris...

MidWeek Staff
Feature Story // Up, Up, and Away
Story and photos by Daniel Lane Science fiction comes alive on Kauai as NASA gets ready to send a huge parachute into space, preparing for...

Jaimie Kim
Feature Story // A Cup Of Perfection
The mouthwatering aroma of coffee permeates the air in Kona Coffee Purveyors’ roasting facility. Sitting in a booster seat atop a bin full of coffee...

Susan Kang Sunderland
Feature Story // Experts At Exceeding Expectations
They say if you want something done, give it to the busiest person. The axiom seems counterintuitive, but it is common practice in management delegation....

Nicole Kato
Feature Story // Hawaii’s Most Special Athletes
Special Olympics is special because of the extra challenges the athletes must overcome. Hawaii’s best are preparing for nationals in New Jersey While the world...

Yu Shing Ting
Feature Story // Bad Guys Doing Good
In the 21st century, in a galaxy not too far away, on a planet called Earth, the 501st Legion of Imperial troopers led by Darth...

Rasa Fournier
Feature Story // Aerial Yoga
There’s a new brand of yoga in the air … literally. Call it aerial yoga, upside down yoga or antigravity yoga, it involves hanging from...

Yu Shing Ting
Feature Story // The Hunt Is On
So you think you know your way around Honolulu? Put your knowledge to the test along with friends, family or co-workers in the annual 5K...

Jaimie Kim
Feature Story // Dancing Across The Decades
For four decades, four generations of women have been sharing their love of dancing with young girls in Drill Team Hawaii, while creating poised, confident...

Jaimie Kim
Feature Story // Return Of The Hawaiian Cranes
It used to be a joke among Isle residents that the crane should replace the Nene as the state bird. Not the avian crane species,...

Jaimie Kim
Feature Story // Chilling With The Fishes
IT’S THE ODOR of fresh raw fish you notice first. At 5:30 a.m. in the morning, it’s a jolt to the senses. Rows of primarily...

Nicole Kato
Feature Story // Hawaii NFL Legends Class of 2014
For the second year, Pro Bowl in Hawaii also means the unveiling of a new class of inductees into the Hawaii NFL Legends. They are...

Rasa Fournier
Feature Story // Dangerous Trails
Honolulu Fire Department receives nearly a call per day about hikers in trouble. It is always preventable Izero in on those stories about stranded, lost...

Jaimie Kim
Feature Story // Rise Of The Wahine
Producers of a documentary about the early days of UH Rainbow Wahine volleyball hope to raise funds to offset its costs through Indiegogo Not so...

Christina O’Connor
Feature Story // Very Fishy Art
Naoki Hayashi went to college to study chemistry, but his love of the ocean, fishing and art led him to a career creating art based...


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