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Good Neighbors
Nicole Kato
Good Neighbors // Heather Faustin
The holiday season has come and gone, but some people in the community (and around the world) are still feeling the blessings bestowed by one...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Imelda “Emmie” Ortega-Anderson
As a young girl, Imelda “Emmie” Ortega-Anderson grew up in a nipa hut in a small town in Laoag, Philippines. At age 9, the family...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Richard Emery
Last week, 140 families from across the island filed into the exclusive Pacific Club to pick up gourmet turkey dinners for Christmas. But these families...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Dave Anderson
When Dave Anderson retired from his career in the Navy, he sought out various volunteer opportunities. “I was looking for something to do and looking...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Chris Arrasmith
Like a lot of stores this time of year, Walgreens on S. Beretania Street has had a Christmas tree set up for weeks. But look...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Caroline Pagan
When Caroline Pagan and her parents found out that one of their family members was doing crystal methamphetamine, they had a lot of questions –...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Justin Trimner and Van Tran-Trimner
Last school year, Kalani High School digital photography instructor Van Tran-Trimner covered a unit on portraiture, using class members as models. Liking her work, some...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Valerie Schmidt
Coming from a family with limited financial means, Valerie Schmidt didn’t have a lot growing up. While her classmates donned nice outfits, Schmidt often had...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Hilton Alves
Nearly 800 students at Kanoelani Elementary School in Waipahu spent two days in September painting marine life on a campus wall alongside North Shore-based artist...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Bernice Parsons
When Bernice Parsons moved to Honolulu from the Philippines about a decade ago, the extensive number of libraries was one thing that struck her. Not...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // W.Y. Chung
When undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer, patients often have ink marks tattooed on their chest to serve as helpful indicators for doctors to treat...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Sharon Zambo-Fan
After launching a few successful business ventures of her own, Pearl City entrepreneur Sharon Zambo-Fan has spent nearly two decades helping other companies expand their...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Candie Delagarza
As an ER nurse, Candie Delagarza always has been proactive about her own health. But in March of 2012 – just a few months after...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // David Hyrenbach
In his work as an oceanographer, David Hyrenbach, Ph.D., long has been studying marine animals to find out their habits – and how human activity...

Nicole Kato
Good Neighbors // Glenn Medeiros
Many may know Glenn Medeiros for his amazing singing voice that has entertained music lovers in the community for years. While he still performs (at...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Kamalani And Kekoa Manner
Seven years ago, Kamalani and Kekoa Manner, ages 5 and 10 at the time, announced to their mother Leilani Rasa that they wanted to start...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Celeste Nakamoto Farinas and June Nakamoto
A few years ago, a man gave a rose to a stranger – an older woman he happened to pass on the street – after...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Jessica Munoz
A few years ago, North Shore resident Jessica Munoz began researching statistics on human trafficking while writing her thesis in nursing school. What she found...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Mahealani Sims-Tulba
One day after school last year, Mahealani Sims-Tulba came home in tears. When her mom pushed her to talk about what was wrong, Sims-Tulba revealed...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Dennis Hida
In 2007, Dennis Hida was flipping through a magazine when he came across an article on a former tennis player who had launched a clean...


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