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Vino Sense
Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Best Tools For Opening Up A Bottle
There are as many varieties of wine openers as Imelda Marcos has shoes. Each new producer of them has its own spin on how to...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Stealing The Stage From The Star
Have you ever gone to a stage presentation, play or musical and are so impressed by the supporting actor or singer that they overshadow the...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Ratings And The Benefits Of Wine Notes
I write notes all the time. But what is their worth? Are wine notes a thing of the past? Strange for me to even pose...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Tracking The Provenance Of Wines
Provenance is an important word in the world of wine, and not just for the wines in collectors’ and investors’ circles. It is something that...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Want Refreshing Yet Dry? Think Pink
Dry rosé’s popularity is still on the rise. Any top restaurant will have at least one dry rosé by the glass, and many have more...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // An Exceptional Food And Wine Experience
Last week I wrote about Hawaii Food and Wine Festival. This week I’m doing it again. But this is the real story; last week was...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Tasting The Best Australia Has To Offer
If anyone asks you about Australian wine, what do you think of? Do you think of the ubiquitous Kangaroo-labeled bottle? Do you instantly think of...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Best Festival
Which is the best wine festival in Hawaii? That would be, in my opinion, Hawaii Food and Wine Festival. Now in its fourth year, it...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Fine Art Of Blending Wines
Like the artist who blends colors to create masterful pieces, so do winemakers blend in order to reach the highest pinnacle of their product. The...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Cruising For Some Splashy Wine Deals
I’ll bet you would never guess what restaurants have some of the best prices for their wines. I am always looking for the best deals,...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Something Special In A Bottle Of Silvaner
Have you ever heard of a bocksbeutel? It is the traditional shape of a wine bottle from the area of Franconia in Germany. It is...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Hawaii Wine Tasting At Its Best
I just helped a friend celebrate his birthday, and he always does it in style by putting together what I like to call “The Greatest...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // National Accolades For Island Wine Lists
If, like me, you are fanatical about finding not only great food but also great wine, you’ll be pleased to hear that Wine Spectator has...

Rasa Fournier
Vino Sense // Give Us Dates!
By now you know that I am an avid Champagne lover. Who isn’t? And one of the hotly debated topics of conversation in the sommelier/critic...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Sharing A Passion For The Wine Life
I never thought that when I got into the wine business back in 1997 and started studying for the Master Sommelier’s exam that I would...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Pairing Wine With Delicious Vegan Food
I am not a vegan, but I do love really good vegan food. Perhaps my favorite restaurant for vegan fare is Greens & Vines. If...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Wines To Complement July 4 Barbecues
Fourth of July again is upon us, and I am looking forward to many weekend festivities. The summer weather has been beautiful, and I can...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // World-class Wines For The World Cup
I had a bout of the flu last week, so I was bedridden for a bit. Not the best of times, but I did get...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Delicious Examples Of Wines Without Oak
Surfing without a surf-board may seem foreign to many, especially those who did not grow up around the ocean. But it does exist: It is,...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Objectivity In Wine Tasting?
Can tasting wine be completely objective? As a trained wine taster, I am supposed to say yes, and yet I struggle with this question because...


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