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Ron Mizutani
Currents // Natatorium: Is The Fight Over?
The locked wooden doors slowly opened and my heart began to race. We were stepping back in time, but instead of feeling excitement, I found...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Joining The 100-pound Ulua Club
Prestin Maze has been fishing nearly all his life and has seen his share of 100-pound ulua in photographs and magazines. The 25-year-old Ewa Beach...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // A Hawaii Runner’s Boston Story
Hawaii Kai’s Christopher “Kit” Smith must have been beaming as he glided down the final stretch of the Boston Marathon. After all, the grand prize...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Be Careful Where You Light Up
Let me start by saying I’m not a smoker and I have strong opinions about secondhand smoke exposure. But I also respect the right to...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Remembering A Great Steersmen
The pressure to execute was at a level I had never experienced before in a canoe and, paddling in seat five, I found myself repeating...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Rainbow Trout Fishing In Hawaii
Managing our fisheries is critical when it comes to sustainability and ensuring future generations will have fish to catch. But what few may know is...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Working Together To Save Lives
Through tragedy comes change, and in this case, change may ultimately save lives. Beautiful Kauai is reeling after the 10th reported drowning on the Garden...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Trying To Revive UH ‘Rainbows’
Last August, I shared the story about my lifelong fascination with rainbows, and dozens of MidWeek readers responded with personal stories and their favorite photos....

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Leeward Beach Volleyball Grows
Many of us have inner visions, but few have the desire or the courage to take action on them. Those who dare to follow their...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Dredging Stirs Old Memories
Longtime Kailua residents often talk about the “good old days” when area kids would jump off the bridge at Ka’elepulu Stream, hoping the splash they...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // From Japan To Waimanalo
It was just after noon on a windy Sunday. Isaiah Kamai was talking with friends at a party near Shriner’s Beach Club in Waimanalo when...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Honoring Hawaii’s Ocean Legends
The eighth annual Duke Kahanamoku Challenge, formerly known as the Ala Wai Challenge, is set for this Sunday on Duke Kahanamoku Beach and Lagoon at...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Swimming With A Smart Phone
When it comes to technology, I’ve been accused of “being so far behind that I think I’m first.” Seriously, it’s no joke, just ask my...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // A Rescue At Sea Seen By Millions
It is a video clip that has touched the hearts of millions of people across the world. Veteran scuba instructor Keller Laros cuts free a...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // OHCRA’s New Race Rules In 2013
Here’s a riddle for you: It is one of the most dreaded opponents at the Waimanalo Regatta every summer. This foe never trains, never gets...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Kailua Beach Erosion ‘Worst Ever’
The text from my paddling mate was brief, but it was an attention-grabber. “Major erosion at Kailua Beach. Worst ever!” Could it be that severe?...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // New, Enhanced Big-surf Warnings
The start of the winter surf season is always an exciting time for big-wave surfers and curious wave-watchers. But for those who risk their lives...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Vog, Sunsets And Smartphones
When technology and nature meet, the result can be quite beautiful, and these days the rest of world almost instantly can enjoy the spectacular moment...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Working To Protect Our Coastlines
The start of a new year often brings hope and promise for the future. James Estores gets excited when he thinks about what 2013 will...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // My Interview With Sen. Inouye
The doors open and he slowly exits the office. His pace is slow but he walks with a purpose. Staff members are a few steps...


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