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Don Chapman
Column // Remembering A Boyhood Hero
I was saddened to hear belatedly of the passing of Joe Francis while I was in Japan last month. He was my first boyhood sports...

Don Chapman
Column // Of Bows, Brews, Baseball, Balloons
KYOTO – The Land of the Rising Sun is also The Land of Many Bows. So I was reminded on a recent trip to Japan,...

Don Chapman
Column // It Was ‘A Real Nice Ceremony’
He didn’t actually say “Golleeee!” but his soft Alabama drawl had a definite Gomer-esque tone last Thursday when Jim Nabors exclaimed over the phone: “This...

Don Chapman
Column // A Three-dot Tribute To Eddie Sherman
On the day Dave Donnelly died in January 2004, I returned home from a dinner to find this phone message from a friend: “Don, I...

Don Chapman
Column // Lack Of Support Imperils Pro Bowl
When I left the seminary, lo those many years ago, and removed the white collar, I took a vow to give up preaching as well....

Don Chapman
Column // A Love Story Amid Social Changes
The story of Wally Yonamine – one of seven local players being honored at the Pro Bowl (see Page 32 or click here) – cannot...

Don Chapman
Column // The Tipping Point On Gun Reform
I enjoy shooting guns. A lot. And I feel fortunate to have grown up around guns – and hunters – in my family and in...

Don Chapman
Column // What The Mayans Really Meant
(Note: I do not anticipate this being my final MidWeek column. Then again, just in case … thanks, it’s been great.) I am no expert...

Don Chapman
Column // The Colorful Times Of A Reporter
Having edited Bob Jones’ column for 18 years, and having just completed his book Reporter, I wish he would have run the galleys past me...

Don Chapman
Column // Where Everything Is Just Ducky
It wasn’t my idea – really, it wasn’t – to put Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota on last week’s MidWeek cover. I don’t have enough brass...

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