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Archives for: Jerry Coffee
Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Just To Set The Record Straight
Let’s just call this my “once and for all clear the air” column. In my very first MidWeek column some eight years or so ago,...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // A Modern Rite Of Passage For A Teen
The 100-foot tower is formed by a mish-mash of crude timbers, poles and sticks loosely woven and lashed together in the clearing of a Vanuatu...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // A Backward Look At The President
Irony of ironies, on May 2 President Obama announced the new slogan for his campaign, “FORWARD,” with his little red, white and blue circular logo...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Aircraft Ejection-seat Technology
The sameness of the vast King Ranch in southern Texas finally came to an end as we saluted our way through the main gate of...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // The Value Of A Frequent Flyer Mile?
“You know, I think I was just born to turn left,” my wife Susan said jokingly, as we settled into our cushy seats in the...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Representation Without Taxation
We all recall the reason for the Boston Tea Party, right? Ol’ King George and his Massachusetts governor decided to tighten the screws on us...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Where Everything Is Just Ducky
The legend of the Peabody ducks: Back in 1932, Frank Schutt, manager of iconic The Peabody Memphis hotel, and his best hunting buddy, Chip Barwick...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Counting The Ways Obama Hurts U.S.
Dinesh D’Souza has written a controversial book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage. Having been born and raised in post-colonial India, D’Souza feels an “almost eerie”...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Is Romney Paying His Fair Share?
This is the time of year when the mailbox goes from yielding holiday cards to W-2s, 1099s and the income tax workbook from the accountant...