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Archives for: Bob Jones
Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Weighing The Dangers Of Foreign Travel
Most any travel you do has some danger attached: car crashes, a bad fall, stomach illness, an airplane crash. Or you might only lose a...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Social Security, Taxes And Gambling
Why is there so much resistance to sensible Social Security reform, federal tax reforms and some gambling for Hawaii? Social Security isn’t a “due.” It...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // No Conclusion To Common Core Confusion
The bluster, blather and pandemonium about Common Core teaching and testing in public schools everywhere but Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Alaska, Nebraska and Indiana is very...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Plight Of The Mountain People
My daughter Brett Jones, a State Department foreign service officer, worked out of the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu until last year, designing plans for saving...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Who Should Pay For Poor Decisions?
There are eight states, including ours, where people who have to be rescued because they made poor hiking, boating or flying decisions can be charged...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Contemplating A Trio Of Island Issues
A triple-header for MidWeek readers this week. The lawmaker-residency issue, corporate Hawaiian Electric and our growing dislike of air travel. 1) Why do we insist...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Two Hot Situations On The Big Island
HILO — I’m no seer who can divine the political and cultural will of the Big Island’s very diverse population of about 186,000 when the...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Spotlight On Merrie Monarch Musicians
HILO — It’s Merrie Monarch Festival week and I’m there. Scored an affordable rental car and a Hilo Seaside hotel room — which ain’t easy!...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Unions Losing Out To Right To Work
It ain’t easy being both pro-union and pro-right-to-work law, but I manage. The key is being for the right of workers who want a union...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Island Can’t Handle All The Growth
My MidWeekcolleague Dan Boylan hit it smack dab on the kini popo when he recently wrote this: “The island of Oahu possesses nowhere near the...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Mayor’s Selective Love For Parks
Mayor Kirk Caldwell says he loves our parks. He’s spending $1.5 million of our money just for a consultancy on remaking Ala Moana Beach Park....

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Could China Arm Hawaiian Nationalists?
Should we laugh at this? Some Chinese generals asked a U.S. Defense Department consultant, “How would the Pentagon like it if we provide arms to...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // New UH Violence Policy Could Backfire
Sorry, but I’m uncomfortable with the proposed new University of Hawaii policy on sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking — the one so...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Gov. Ige’s No-baloney Leadership Style
Governors and other public officials who must deal periodically with a press-conference reporter pack tend to fall into two categories. 1) Nimble afoot and greatly...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Taking Shots At ‘American Sniper’
I can’t quite get my mind around all that sniping about the movie American Sniper, up for best picture/best actor in Sunday’s Oscar competition. Filmmaker...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Obamacare: Unworkable, Unfortunately
I whooped with unrestrained joy when Obamacare passed in the Congress and was declared OK by the Supreme Court. It wasn’t the national healthcare I...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Foreign Policy Is Not Tulsi’s Strength
Why am I getting nervous and uneasy about Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, the rookie Democrat representative from Hawaii? It’s not just her “Hey, look at me”...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // A Love-Hate Relationship With Military
This is the week the Army hosts some “listening to you” sessions about the future of the military presence in Hawaii. USARPAC Gen. Vincent Brooks...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Stating The Case For A Medal Of Honor
Native son Peter Kama, Kamehameha Schools ’53, Army private to lieutenant colonel, two Vietnam combat tours and one there as a general’s aide, has a...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Poor Leaders Hurt Anti-GMO Efforts
This is not going to make local anti-GMOers jump for joy, but the news is that everything seems to be going against you. The government...

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