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Archives for: Alison Young
Alison Young
Click Chick // Game Kick Your Keiki’s Memory
Skechers shoes have long been a part of my 5-year-old daughter’s wardrobe, her favorites being the light-up shoes and slippers. She just loves stomping her...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Pac-Man Gobbles Up Google Maps
Last week, and just in time for April Fool’s, Google made it possible for you to play Pac-Man on Google Maps. The streets you view...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Nintendo And DeNA: What’s NX’t?
Nintendo mostly has stayed out of the mobile gaming arena until now. At a recent press conference in Tokyo, Nintendo chief executive Satoru Iwata announced...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Sending Money To Facebook Friends
Last week Facebook rolled out its free Messenger Payments feature that lets you send and receive money. To begin a transaction, you start a message...

Alison Young
Click Chick // It’s Almost Time For Apple’s Smart Watch
Finally, the Apple Watch has a solid release date: Friday, April 24! We were all awed by the iPhone’s initial release in 2007; let’s see...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Running With Jaybird Bluebuds X
The people around me know I’m always training for the next race. Most recently, I ran the Honolulu Marathon (26.2 miles) and Great Aloha Run...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Motorola Launches Affordable Moto E
Trying to stay ahead of the curve, Motorola announced its next-generation Moto E phone right before the big Mobile World Congress trade event. As with...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Clutching The Power Of A Purse
Most people are surprised when I tell them I haven’t upgraded my phone in a while and I’m still using my good ol’ iPhone 5S....

Alison Young
Click Chick // Taking A Bite Of The Digital Cookie
Many moons ago, I was a Girl Scout and did the traditional deed of going door-to-door and setting up tables outside stores to sell my...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Tagg GPS Tracker Keeps Tabs On Fido
Seeing my friend and her three rambunctious dogs last week made me remember the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker I saw at the Consumer Electronics Show...

Alison Young
Click Chick // National Clean Out Your Computer Day
It’s that time of year again. National Clean Out Your Computer Day falls on Feb. 9 and is the time you’re encouraged to give your...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Sling TV Promises To Deliver
Earlier this month Dish Network unveiled its new Sling TV web-based video service that is targeted at people who want the “cordless TV” experience. It...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Intel Products Pique Interest At CES
Despite all the big-name hardware companies with their latest and greatest laptops, desktops and tablets I saw at the recent 2015 International CES, the one...

Alison Young
Click Chick // A Fun First Glance At CES 2015
As I write this, I’ve just completed day one of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), along with a few product-featuring events, and I’m already...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta
As I write this, I’m still eagerly awaiting the launch of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Because of this, announcements in the tech world have...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Seeing A Happy New Year In Tech
Happy New Year! As we finish up 2014 and go into a new year of tech, I’m preparing to make my annual trek to the...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Making The Most From Old Gadgets
Merry Christmas! Now that you’ve opened all your presents and got a bunch of new toys, it’s time to think about clearing out your old...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Interesting TechNet Asia-Pacific 2014
Last week, I attended the TechNet Asia-Pacific conference at Hilton Hawaiian Village and saw a number of interesting things — and met new people, including...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Shopping Online? Hackers Are Lurking
Most of you probably already blew up your computer with online shopping trips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. For the rest of your...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Halo Xbox Master Collection Is Here
Exclusively for Xbox One, Halo: The Master Chief Collection recently released, and it isn’t just a rehash of the previous Halos, but is more of...

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